Newsletter – March 2021

Dear Member Friends,

I hope you are all doing great by the grace of Swami. Every year in March on the first Monday, honoring Sath Guru Kahene Sha Vali, we conduct a communal harmony meet at Sath Guru Sri Kahene Sha Vali Dargah, Tuni in East Godavari District. Many religious leaders attend and address the huge gathering. If we are fortunate to present there, we would certainly get a feeling that it is a microcosm representation of our secular India. We can see all sects of peoples there. What is the source of attraction? The common people flood there for miracles because the place has got immense power to materialize any intention and spiritual practitioners turn up for Sath Guru’s divine blessings. 

As you are all well aware that Sri Kahene Sha Vali Sathguru was the fourth Peethadhipathi of our Peetham and son of Sri Hasan Miya Sha Sathguru, who was a great philosopher. When Sri Kahene Sha Vali Sathguru was about five years old, his father attained Samadhi. It is said that Sath Guru had a vision and in that he saw a great mystic in brilliant white light form and he initiated him with Maha Mantra and the whole peetham’s philosophy. The next day, while on the way to school, he met Saint Sri Akhail Ali Sha Sath Guru, the same person that he had seen in the vision and got the initiation. It all just happened as is in vision. From that day he became Guru and Peethadhipathi of this eternal Peetham. With one touch he attained eternal absolute knowledge.

How it all happened? 

A true aspirant must have an open mind to receive and have total trust with a pure heart. Then the knowledge will be auto transferred from the teacher to a student within no time. Any person born on this planet is an extension of his parents. His looks, ideas, and expression resemble them. Here we are talking about the lineage of Sath Gurus and Kahene Sha Vali garu is also one of them. Hence, his physical form is perfectly in balance with five elemental forces and his mind open to cosmic eternal knowledge. When Akhail Ali Sha Sath Guru initiated him, no wonder he received knowledge and power in total surrenderance and transformed as a divine person. He wrote a wonderful spiritual book entitled “Kalki Bhagavatham”. In that book, the secrets of Guru, greatness of Guru, how to pray, the secret of dot matrix, nature and many holy issues were revealed. 

We are fortunate to born on this planet and associate with such holy Peetham and great Gurus. Is it not? Yes. All we have to do is to follow Sath Guru’s word and practice Thrayi Sadhana, till we realize the inner dwelling and all-pervading brilliant light that is before us in the form of Sath Guru.

Thanking you

Till next News Letter!

Spiritually yours

Renuka Devi Vangara

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