Newsletter – May 2018

May2018 News Letter

Never miss a chance

to visit Sath Guru and have his darshan    with a open mind to lead a blissful life

Dear Member Friends,

In India, hot summer waves are hitting hard and mercury is on rise. Sath Guru’s Vaisakha masa tour is on in the states of A.P and Telangana. Sath Guru never stops working for the mankind irrespective of blazing Sun, bitter cold or heavy rain. Round the clock he works, preaching spiritual philosophy, motivating people to participate along with him in service activities and spends time in listening to the grievances of people and offers solution and solace to them through his blessings.

Our Peethadhipathis lives are like open book. They teach what they practice. We, as members should understand the philosophy and try to lead life as demonstrated by them. Our Mother’s pure love, Sath Guru’s compassion and grace are eternal. Generally people visit Sath Guru when they are engulfed in some problem or calamity. After everything is sorted out, they forget him and his blessings. Human life is a cup of continuous problems and sufferings. Life will definitely raise a brow, laugh and come up with a new grief causing situation. Then, suddenly mind flashes memories about Sath Guru and they approach him for solace. Is that alright to have Sath Guru’s darshan only at times of crisis and problems? In this situation, a question arises, why should we often have Sath Guru’s darshan?

When we have Maha Mantra initiation by Sath Guru, we become a member of this peetham. A new permanent relation, a bonding forms between Sath Guru and us.   Sath Guru is omnipresent and omnipotent. He keeps an eye on the member and guides in every aspect of life that includes physical, mental and astral. It is like a vigilant camera and every breath of member he understands and blesses him/her with right direction and state.  Human life is an end product, very fine form that happens after crossing 84, 00,000 life forms. There lay a huge karmic stack that is carried forward from past lives. Whenever we had Sath Guru’s darshan with open mind, his blessings will clear all karmic stacks. But 90% of time, we are deeply engrossed in our thoughts and activities and fail to open up to receive divine blessings. So, it is essential to visit Sath Guru whenever we get an opportunity and try to receive his blessings with open mind and heart so as to transform as a true human being- A universal being. Through continuous sadhana integrated with Sath Guru’s blessings, one can attain salvation within this physical. So, dear member friends, time is giving a chance as Sath Guru is on tour. Never miss this wonderful chance to visit Sath Guru. Be open to receive his grace and blessings. Then unforeseen new blissful life greets you.

Thanking you.

Yours spiritually,
Renuka devi Vangara

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