Newsletter – Oct 2015

Dear Member friends,

We from the desk of Sri Viswa Vignana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all Happy Sara Navaratri (nine essential days of enlightenment). Many rituals, meditations and practices were done these days for enlightenment. After all practices any sadhaka suddenly struck up with questions like “Where am I now, in this sadhana?” and “How should be my sadhana?” From depths of our mind an answer comes, “okay, we are doing our best… let us wait and watch”.

When a child is born, he is free, independent, innovative, and curious to learn, grasp and understand. With passing time, in the process of growing, he tries to impress all existing surrounding people and wish to establish as a good child. This concern of “how others feel about him/her” develops more as the child enters into adulthood and even old age. The person does good job, gets married and have kids. But in the mind one is well conscious of projecting self as per the civilization demands. In this hustle bustle of life, we forget to dive deep into self and know our “true self”. We value others opinions and reactions regarding us. At the end, we reach our coffin and we fail to understand our inner self. From inside, our inner self is always calling and we ignore, drowned in the samsara(worldly life). Life recedes and we fail to meet the most important person-“the self”. It is highly important to know the source of life force and embodied soul. The ultimate aim is to know the self and have salvation. Our practice should lead us to know the truth and we should always question ourselves “Are we on the right track?” We have to check, be conscious and do more penance until we achieve our aim. Life will never be fulfilled if we fail to achieve our aim.

Sara Navaratri festive days are meant to do sadhana, have self-realization and to experience the inner dwelling divine. We, the members are very fortunate as we have a great Guru, specified proven philosophy and very powerful Maha Mantra. All we need to do is practice and implement it in real life. Time is running out and we cannot hold it. So, dear members, in these days of enlightenment, let us do more Maha Mantra sadhana and reach the state of “Swayam Brahma Na Sandeha”(No doubt ,I am the God).

Till… next News Letter…..

Spiritually yours

Renuka Devi Vangara

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