Tatwajnanam Editorial – Sep 2015 ( English Version )

Highest objective of life is realized by the true aspiration
towards Maha Mantra

Sri Viswa Vignana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham’s philosophy teaches mankind regarding “How should be the living style?” and “How to implement philosophy in reality and surpass the swings of difficulties and sorrows in life?” The life span of human is very short. How will be the characteristics at various stages of life? How will be the good and bad implications pertaining to that characteristics? Childhood is spent with parents and in playing and studying. Adolescence is filled with emotions, causing so many troubles. In this stage we strive for employment. Youthful stage has marriage, progeny and social issues. We try to overcome these problems and old age has ill health related physical issues. Every stage has varied experiences. While travelling in these four stages, if we possess philosophic bent of mind set, we have a chance to beautify our lives.

Human life span is infinitesimal when compared to this creation. We live in this creation and we crave to know about it. We struggle to know about the secret of its beginning and existence. Analysis depicts right from the first breath to last, six temptations inspire us towards natural ways, create mental stress, leads physical life in a way generating difficulties, pains, ego, jealousy, hatred and selfishness etc., Physical body responds to those reactions. Mind auto reacts and orders physical to perform such kind of acts. In this way, we are exposed to so many difficulties and pains. At last, we end up in severe agony and in repentance. Then a question arises like, “What we have achieved in this process of life?” Then at that instance, philosophic experience arises and in repentance transformation happens. Then we try to shift our concentration towards philosophy. Philosophy bestows mental peace which in turn gives philosophic experience. This experience leads us to the path of embodied soul’s highest objective.

Any Fiend or rogue has a chance to thwart his evilness through repentance. Both devilry and divinity is present in a being. To know divinity is very tough. In trouble, we pray God. Comfort lets us forget God. A trouble reminds God and God is revealed to the one who undergoes troubles. With aim, if we chant Swami’s blessed Mantra, we realize Mantra as Guru and Guru as the form of Mantra. Through aspiration we get Swami’s blessings and by that we get inbuilt capability to solve all our problems. In this way, travelling life’s journey in Swami’s aim, one is blessed by the grace of Swami, thereby aim of human life is fulfilled. Then, in our experience, we realize the bliss in it. That’s the highest objective of life.


Author: Dr. Umar Alisha,
Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Aadhyatmika Peetham, Pithapuram.

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