Newsletter – Sep 2020


News Letter Sep-2020

Dear Member Friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhythmika Peetham, wish you all, “Happy Teachers Day.” Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is a renowned academician, great teacher, philosopher, writer, and the one who gracefully introduced our Indian philosophical thought to the western world. He dedicated his life to promoting the value of education. That’s why, as an honor, we celebrate his birthday the September 5th as Teachers Day, honoring our teachers and guides. It is all about physical level education that is useful for livelihood. We cannot manage the world without managing the self. Many management courses emerged to handle the complex nature of a human being. Yet, after so much training in the managing techniques, many end up in depression, tensions, and sorrow. Those who fail in life struggle on relationships, careers, and education, etc., often end up in melancholy, confusion, despair, and many other unhappy emotions. We find very few people who are strong mentally to cope up with any situation in life.

How to become strong mentally?

The Wise says Satsang bestows strength to the mind. Our Sath Guru preaches to practice Jnana Sadhana to train the mind to stay stable and peaceful at any time. The Human mind is whimsical, comprising so many facets. Its function varies from person to person and, no one can predict its range of combinations and permutations. To make it stable, Sath Guru recommends reading holy books.  Every word written by great men is eternal (Akshara). They portray a high-level mind state that works in association with the divine. Such books possess high vibration and imbibe positive energies to the reader. Thus mind consumes positive vibes and starts applying positivity in real life. Naturally, a positive thinker owns a composed nature unaffected by the situations. So, let us practice Jnana Sadhana to have a stable positive mind.

The human body is an integration of body, mind, and the soul incarnated. Sath Guru propounded Thrayi Sadhana to handle the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. We discussed Jnana Sadhana to handle the wavery mind.  At the physical level, the Mantra sadhana helps to burn karmic stack and transform all cells into the divine. Any single cell might oppose the physical transformation into the divine. Hence, like a phoenix bird, we have to burn every cell and transform it as a new. At spirit level, meditation helps to live in alignment with the divinity. This sadhana can be practiced by any individual irrespective of the religion. They need to practice with their respective religious mantras, holy books, and meditation methods.

Thus Sath Guru blessed humanity with a result-oriented and yet simple sadhana that protects the practitioner of any religion from physical level problems like disease, discomfort, and from problems that originate from the mind.  Through this practice, a true sadhaka will attain liberation within this physical. So, dear member friends, let us do Thrayi Sadhana to lead a blissful life.

Thanking you,

Till the next newsletter!

Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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