Newsletter – May 2023

Dear Member Friends,


The Sath Guru is touring all the places in A.P, Telangana, and Karnataka to sow the seeds of spirituality and philosophy in Vaisakha Masam, and we eagerly await his visit. Can we ever imagine harvesting in a hot summer? No. But Sath Guru does this miraculous job by initiating masses through his word, service deeds, and energy. The incarnated being’s mind oscillates from knowledge to ignorance. The innate soul craves absolute knowledge. Being ignorant, we ignore her cries. Sath Guru helps the inner incarnated soul through spiritual initiations and later blesses it with the apt sadhana.

How to do Sadhana?

Sath Guru says to do sadhana with devotion, faith, aim, and knowledge. The mind always doubts everything. Sadhaka is subjected to various tests by the forces of illusion, time, kundalini, and karmic stacks from past lives. This planet is a testing ground for humans, their emotions, and their level of patience. The issues of life, problems, sorrows, and difficulties come on the life path, and we have to overcome them and lead a successful life. The only way to stay mentally stable is through practice. Philosophical and spiritual practice blesses the practitioner with strength at the mental level.

Human is an integration of physical, mental, and spiritual planes. When the three levels work in alignment, a state of composure, or yogic state, is attained. In that state, the practitioner stays in alignment with God. In such a state, the individual communicates with others perfectly. His mind functions properly and acts wisely through proper decisions. His life is full of bliss and peace. Such a life is a boon of spiritual practices. At times of life testing and difficulty, he stays calm, watches the problems, and solves them.

Dear member friends, let us do more sadhana and always stay aligned with the source of our lives.

Thanking you

Yours spiritually,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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