Sha Philosophy – Prayer

AUM the Supreme Being!

You are infinite and incomparable. You are all pervasive as the Ether. You are spreading as the wind. You are bearing the onus of all creatures as the Earth. You are kindling the multitudes of the worlds as the Sun. There is no one who is greater than you, who are venerable than you and who are revered than you.


There is no one who perceived your glory, your power, your boundaries, your vast depth and your omniscience. You are the principle for the creation, existence and destruction. The glory of your Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light is the root of all human beings and other creatures. It is beyond the scope of knowledge and ignorance, possession and poverty, superiority and greatness, bondage and liberation


Those who have faith in you will never decline. Those who contemplate you will never have melancholy. Those who keep you in their minds will never have fear. We are ignorant, we are helpless, we are your devotees and we believe you are the protector. Kindly receive our burden and steer us from falling into illusion, sins and violence. Please retain us forever in this glorious universe, which is moved by your will. Kindly revive us with the nectar of your mercy. Remove our difficulties. Remove the darkness of our ignorance. O father kindly forgive our mistakes. Protect us by all means and preserve us.

Oh Merciful savior!

You are the Supreme Being. You are Sachitananda, the Truth and eternal bliss. May we humbly prostrate to you with folded hands.

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