Sha Philosophy – Chapter22: FEAR

This “ fear “ as agitation is natural in every creature. One may be very courageous, but he may have to be afraid of some powerful living being. When the time of death is nearer, it may be for a fly, a mosquito or some other living being, as soon as it realizes that, there is some other power, which can kill it, it tries to escape from it. During such a period of escape , it will contain all such perturbations connected to fear.

When a fly rests on the body of someone, though that creature is not harmful, the person involuntarily tries to kill it. On realizing this before-hand, the fly flees away and escapes with agitation associated with fear. Similarly such a small creature as mosquito also does the same. Likewise every creature or every individual leads its life, which is very much associated with the feeling of fear. The basic reason for this “ fear “ is , its ultimate development known as the death! Therefore, it is due to this reason only ; every creature expresses such worry, which is in the form of fear.

The gentle animals are afraid of wild beasts because they torment them to death. Similarly all gentle creatures including human beings express their perturbation associated with fear towards the cruel or wild creatures, which torment them and cause death. In this manner all the creatures including human beings, have fear for various kinds of other living beings, which can cause death, and they try to stay away to escape with perturbation to safeguard their lives. This is all due to the fear of death. All such multitudes of creatures take birth in the form of man in the process of successive evolution. Though man could understand and express this “ fear “, it is his innate nature to become agitated. This fear is the semblance of illusion, which troubles man subtly at every moment of his life and does not allow his life to run in a proper way. Therefore, the fear is the root cause for his grief.

It is the innate nature of man to remember and pray to his tutelary God ( or patron saint ) with devotion to remove such troubles, as occur throughout life. When the life of human beings is changed into the semblance of illusion and becomes crooked, the Prophets, Avatars and saints have depicted the torture known as the Hell to correct its order. Alternatively to attain Heaven, to change their life as semblance of devotion, though their Masters have preached and prescribed the rites, human beings are always in agitation with the fear, whether they are following such a ritualistic life or not and they conduct themselves carefully. During the time, which is passing in the form of longevity, every second is associated with fear in the life of man. This devil, which is known as fear will trouble man until he also transforms himself into that fear. Till then he won’t be able to annihilate that fear, which is agitation. Added to this, the persons, who are in the disguise of Gurus ( Masters ), are stealing the wealth of their disciples by causing fear in them. While the Sathguru ( True Master)is transforming the seeker, who is frightened with fear, into a devotee , He turns him stunned with fear and teaches the Supreme Knowledge as lessons. When the devotee does not feel agitated by the appearance of his master (  Cosmic Form ) and without fear, the disciple’s soul permanently becomes stable by confirming that he too is equivalent to his Master with boldness associated with courage, and then at that moment this fear which is in the form of agitation will fade away. Then the devotee who has become a Thyagi ( renunciate ) by means of that courage will never feel agitated with fear, though he knows that his death is coming the next moment. The seeker who undertakes such bravery is said to be the real disciple and that Master who has brought the seeker to such a permanently stable state is indeed said to be the Sathguru ( True Master ). Such a True Master does not have anything to do with fear or passions known as pleasures. He indeed is the bravest, philosopher, synthesizer and Sadhrupi ( semblance of Truth or the embodiment of Truth ).


  1. The True Master turns his disciple stunned with fear and teaches the Supreme Knowledge

This  has similitude with the process of transformation of a grub into wasp ( carpenter bee) known as Bhramara keetaka nyaayam explained as follows. It is said that the wasp brings a grub to its nest made of mud having a small opening. Turns it stunned with fear and places it in it so that it is unaware of the outer world. Then the wasp will circle round the nest making humming sound. The secret in that sound transforms the grub into wasp.

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