Sha Philosophy – Chapter34: DHARMA


In this world, the Dharma appears in many forms. The altercations, disputes or contentions, which arise in the worldly affairs, are either lawful or unlawful. Their conclusion, which is in the form of a decision given with distinction is said to be Dharma.

The Dharma determines which is moral and which is immoral in the innate natures and acts of human beings. The accomplishment of harmony among the rivals in between their contention is said to be the Dharma.

Bhagavad-Gita says whenever mankind engages in the activities, which are against the Dharma in this world and when the world transforms into Adharma ( Anti-Dharma), an incarnate originating from God, will come into this world to reinstate the Dharma.

Here Dharma means not only the aforesaid things; it includes governmental system, the continuous change, which occurs in the light of unnatural things ( man made things ), the emergence of the sprout of the universe( human being) through the natural process of evolution and also the way of its attainment of the Supreme Knowledge ( Cosmic Form consisting of the Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light ) originated from Eeswara ( God ), which is the true form of the emancipation. This is the Dharma ( cosmic rule ).

In this world the Dharma is known to be the Dharmasastra, ( aphorisms on Dharma or sacred law book ) and also Nyayasastra ( the law of propriety or justice ). Indeed this Dharma has been transformed into various religions. When we say religion; it is known to be the doctrine, which is in the form of rule of the social structure of the world, bound by ordinance and justice in accordance with the country and period of time. This is said to be the Lokadharma ( principle of the society ).

The transformation attained by soul by imbibing the revelation of the metaphysical essence, which is in the form of Upanishad ( Divine inner voice ) by means of spiritual practice is the Dharma, contained by the principles of those religions. This Dharma is in the form of theosophy, which reveals the Supreme Knowledge and gives the liberation to the soul from the cycle of rebirths. This Dharma surpasses all the above.

It is also customary to call the organization, which will work on the theosophical lines to be Dharma. To be precise; in the society, the organizations founded by respective Gurus ( Masters ) are called by different names such as Dharma, association, Peetham ( institution ), congregation or company. In different viewpoints, respective Masters reveal the spiritual knowledge about the God and try to help their disciples to attain salvation. Their subject of teachings related to spiritualism is also said to be the Dharma. The authorities of those Dharmas, Peethas ( Heads of the institutions ) follow and preach their respective Dharmas ( doctrines ) so that the divinity present in them impresses in the minds of their disciples and they too attain synthesis with the Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light. It is also known to us that, their disciples follow the precept of their Gurus ( Masters ) in letter and spirit in the form of spiritual practice. This is also said to be the Dharma.

The manner  in which the verity or falsity exists in the above Dharmas is very difficult to discuss, but in reality, it is necessary to say that, the Dharma is the ultimate thought ( goal ) of man to transform himself into his natural, primordial state of eternity ( salvation ). This Dharma appears to exist in different forms in this world. When the followers of respective Dharmas ( schools of thought ) argue and counter argue to establish their doctrines, it may be pleasant to hear them. When we observe their quick wit, we will be able to understand their proficiency in their doctrines. In  addition to this, if we introspect, we  will be able to realize how far they are in accordance with our own faith.

However, at first the man should regard that, his inherent nature itself is of Dharma and if he probes, he will realize that, his innate essence ( inner self ) itself is the true form of Dharma. The reason is, if he inquires the behaviour and the action of every creature he perceives in accordance with the manifestation of their sound ( voice ), the verity or truth present in that voice will give evidence to his conscience ( inner self ). To cognize the truth present in that sound ( voice ), one should inquire with broad-mindedness. He should never resort to misrepresentation or hypocrisy in his study. Then the true thing contained by that sound ( voice ) will certainly manifest to him. The true thing which manifests to him is indeed the Dharma. The form of such a Dharma manifests in the same manner to the Jnani ( wise man ) and also to the Ajnani ( unwise man ). But, according to the deception and hypocrisy contained in the thinking of people, the picture of the Dharma will change. When the man honestly grasps the true picture of Dharma, without resorting to any hypocrisy or deception, the esoteric truth present within his inner self ( soul ) will indeed say, that is verily the truth.

From whose mouth such a transformation, which is in the form of Dharma comes out, He is the Guru. If the voice ( mystic syllable sounds ), which comes out of the mouth of such a Guru is sounded ( spelt ) within your “ inner self “, if they transform into the truth and manifests to you, if your conscience ( inner self ) substantiates it, that itself is the Dharma. While following such a Dharma, even if you have to lose your life, you shall never stop. However, it is unsafe to follow the precept of Dharma, which can’t  give such evidence to your conscience ( inner self ). Therefore, it is necessary to leave such an untrue Dharma immediately.

The precept of such a Guru,

.  Removes your discomfit, difficulties, hurdles and harassments of physical as well as spiritual worlds.

.   It transforms you from into an embodiment of principle.

.   It safeguards you from the power of Kundalini ( Serpent Power ), which originates from the delusion.

Therefore, the verbalized voice of such a capable preceptor, who is in the form Guru ( Master ) and the power ( energy ) contained by it is indeed the true form of Dharma. Indeed this is Dharma.


  1. Voice:

The  Vak or voice is the Cosmic Form consisting of Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light, the true form of the Truth.

The true master, who is cognizant of this truth that, the voice, which is in the form of sound is indeed the light, which has originated from Eeswara ( God ) and has the responsibility to prove this truth by His power of Vak to His disciple so that he can also comprehend it.

.  Please visit chapter 81, the voice ( Vak ) , to know elaborately.

  1. Precept:

It is not a mere precept. It is the Mahamantra, the mystic syllables, which will awaken the inner self of the disciple into boundless Cosmic Form consisting of the Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light.

  1. Kundalini ( Serpent Power ):

.  The power  of delusion ( Maya/Branthi ) takes the form of a Serpent and appears in the spiritual visions of the Sadhaka ( seeker ). It hinders his spiritual progress by causing innumerable difficulties.

.  Please visit chapter 65, the Serpent Power, to know elaborately.

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