Sha Philosophy – Chapter23: SATYAM (TRUTH)

The word “ Satyam ( Truth ) “ is great and powerful. The basis for Satyam ( truth ) is “ Sath “. “ Sath “ means  “ to be “ ( existing ). From this it can be inferred that Satyam ( Truth ) is the cause for the change of form ( nature ) of “ Sath ( existence )” into perpetual entity ( Truth ). When someone realizes this truth, then only he is verily fit to be called Sadhrupi ( semblance of Truth or the image of Truth or embodiment of Truth ).

It is due to the way the human beings live, the truth is lying very much under the darkness. Even the inner voice of conscience of an individual is not in a position to command the truth! Though man realizes, whatever he has voiced is untrue, even then he tries to justify or defend it, In that justification , whatever he says justifiable , that indeed should be taken to be false or a lie.

From this it can be inferred that for everyone, it is easier to tell lies than to speak the truth to manage domestic work and other necessities of the world. So it becomes essential to say, every human being indeed tells lies. The lies are of two types. The first one may lead to death. The second one is not hazardous. When man commits any act which has danger in it, he is bound to telling a lie. In that situation his heart hesitates. The reason is he may have to bow down with fear to beseech the persons, who know the secret of the dangerous act he has committed, whenever they appear to him. Temporarily such an affair or such a lie may be established as truth in the court of law and he may be happy with satisfaction, because he is protected from the danger of punishment. But  before Eeswara ( God ), the reality will remain as it is. Since the reality shall certainly come to light, may be at any time, the truth will come out. There is no scope for the dust to settle on the truth forever. Therefore, the truth can never be hidden. In this context the Philosopher said,

Mrunali kannulan vippaka musukonna Ravi vippina kaivadi vichhu cheekatul “ If the lotus does not open its petals and bloom, the Sun shall open them ( i.e. after sunrise the lotus is bound to bloom ); similarly the darkness also goes away.

You may tell lies in mundane affairs. But when you commit sinful acts in private, in spiritual ( Godly ) affairs, and then you have to suffer from painful mental distress throughout your life. Therefore, it is better to tell the true facts about sinful deeds you have committed and take proper punishment. Then there is a chance for your soul to attain transformation. Therefore, if you want to be an embodiment of wisdom, think about the lies which you are going to tell and their consequences ( or dangers ) in this world and speak only the truth. In this way , you may accomplish eternal bliss and contentment for your soul physically and spiritually.

In this world, some groups of people are categorized as just and unjust based on the basis of their characteristic features pertaining to their truthfulness or untruthfulness ( falsehood or unreality ). In this context it is to be realized that, truth means justice and untruth means injustice. This fact is discovered in this world physically and spiritually also.

It is very difficult to understand how much truth man really contains though he gives utmost importance to this word “ Truth “. In this world courts are established to discover the truth. It is a well-known fact that even in these courts untruth is indeed being proved as truth with the help of false evidences and exceedingly great skills of arguments. Therefore, it is also a common feature that the persons who know the truth ( reality ) blame such courts. It is also false to say that man always speaks truth. The reason is, “ truth “ is being unrealized in mundane affairs.

To protect him, man tries to establish his arguments, which are based on facts, but it is necessary to verify his statements to know how far truth lies in them. However, it is beyond anybody’s imagination. It is very difficult to ascertain every thing by perceiving with our eyes only. Therefore, in every aspect the facts are to be presented vocally, then they are required to be heard carefully to prove and depict truth about the event. Under these circumstances it is impossible for any body to understand clearly whether the person, who speaks to depict the truth is really speaking the truth and the other person who listens to it is really able to grasp the truth or not.

However, it is possible to know about the truth only when, one sees the facts with one’s own eyes, speaks about it wholeheartedly and depicts it as it is. Then only, one can say it is truth. Such truth is exceptionally discovered only in someone or other. There is nobody to tell the truth, which is agreeable to all. When a condemnable mistake comes for the trial of an individual, if he honors the truth contained by his conscience, the conscience confirms the truth by itself to that individual. This is said to be the truth. But man is not able to express his conscience openly because of the fear that his inability may lead him to insecurity. If we search for truth in every aspect, it cannot stand in the arguments. It is possible to prove the verity of truth as the time passes from the time the events were experienced. In this world if the acts, which are performed in the absence of individuals, are examined in the light of truth, certainly their real form shall be confirmed.

In view of the world, the word “ truth “ sustains in physical as well as spiritual affairs. Just like the       “ truth “  in worldly affairs, in spirituality also it is unrealized. The reason is, the truth becomes absent in the preaching of the preachers of Vedanta philosophy also. Some preachers are making others believe their own explanations of the principles of philosophy, which contain jargons and high-sounding words, are truth. Their traditional attire as well as traditional way of speaking with many jargons is also sub-serving this purpose. It is very difficult for others to know the verity of hard work of the person, who is in disguise of such a traditional attire to theorize the philosophy. Therefore, those who sustain in such a traditional disguise are cheating others by making them confused. So, it is very difficult for others to understand that such a disguise is false. That person who is under disguise knows how far he knows the Supreme Knowledge by himself. Whenever his conscience speaks about this truth, he will be depressed; even then, he won’t leave such practices and continue to cheat the public. This is the reason why it is very difficult to know which is false and which is truth in the field of spirituality also. In addition to this, there is another condition. Suppose somebody really reveals the truth and brings it into the experience of others, even then, the other soul is not in a position to believe in it. At this juncture the Philosopher said,

“ Nijamulu  cheppeneni  avi  nidyamulani  talanturu,

Eemahapraja  kabaddha  naatakame  prayaka  mainadi “

If truth is told it is presumed to be a fault, because the false dramas become common for these great people!”

In the light of this statement, it can be understood that, in this world the spirituality has fallen into the hands of such liars, as are in disguise of spiritual leaders and speak eloquently with jargons. In this context, Lord Krishna said, “ Sakaaleneha  mahata  yogo  nashta  paramtapa “ , I.e. people do not believe in true philosophy.

When man is shown petty miracles, though these are contrary to the truth, he trusts them only and follows. He has forgotten the real nature of truth. For working out miracles, it is appropriate to worship inferior deities. Therefore the pseudo Gurus use such methods of inferior deities and perform temporary jugglery ( magic ) to make others believe in such things as spiritual powers! Therefore , those who believe in such false Gurus will fall into the pit of darkness caused by illusion and spoil their salvation. In due course of time, people may realize such tricks are false and bewail from within. The principal cause for such a bad situation for the public is, the real incarnate of God does not establish and appear by himself by means of his attire, powerful language with jargons or cleverness in expression.

When we say Satyam ( Truth ), it is the semblance of “ Sath “, It means , this word itself defines the true form of Eeswara ( God ). When we comprehend this “ Sath “( existence ),  physically, subtly or spiritually in the form of Vedanta (philosophy ), all aspects, which are imperceptible by the senses and past and future events will certainly appear in their true form. In such time, if this universe is observed, two views appear. The first one is “ Sath “ , it means real and the other one is “ Asath “, it is unreal. Based on these two, there are two types of doctrines appearing in this world. “ Aasthi “, means exists and “ Nasthi “, means non –existent. The atheist says this objective world is eternal. The theist believes and says the Sadrupa ( the semblance of truth ), which has created this world, is eternal. In the view of the true philosopher these two are indeed false!

However, some people argue the Aasthikya ( theism ) is true and some others argue the Nasthikya (atheism ) is true. Like this the society is divided into two schools of thought. The followers of respective schools of thought are establishing that their arguments only are truth in the view of their followers.

Lord Krishna said Asadanna saduchyate, one should not say, either “ exists “ or “ not exists”. Similarly Prophet Mohammad said in Quran, “layilaha illaillahu “. He is not there, but exists. Keeping the above statements in view, the Philosopher, who has grasped the “ Satyam ( truth ) “ is                    “ Sadrupi“ embodiment of truth ( semblance of truth ). In his inner eye, he perceives that every distinct atom is in the form “ I ( inner self ) “. Therefore, starting from a minutely small atom to entire Brahmanda ( Cosmic Globe ), he perceives that the true form of his inner self ( or the true form of soul ), which is within him and listening to the sound ( “ I “ ), which is contained by his soul. Therefore, in front of him, the whole creation is in the form of the sound of “ I “ . That is in the form of Tejas ( Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light ). This itself is “ Satyam, the Truth “ . The true philosopher realizes verily this truth only. He won’t have any pomp and show. It is very difficult to understand him. Whenever his gaze spreads into the other man’s soul, the darkness of ignorance, which has possessed that soul, will be removed. He is very powerful. He can make the other souls search for him. If the other souls follow him, he will make them realize the “ Satyam ( Truth ) “ and that indeed is “ Sath ( to be or the feeling of self or I ) “. When this is made confirmed by such a true philosopher to the other souls, every other soul says “ I “ am “ Sath “.

The Sadrupa, the semblance of Truth or the true form of Truth or the embodiment of Truth is that great power ( Master ),

.  That makes the other individual inquire the words “ Satyam ( Truth )” and  “Asatyam ( false)” within himself and grasp the resultant esoteric Truth out of it.

.  That proves the Truth is sacrifice in the context of mundane affairs and in the spiritual context it is the Aparoksha Sayaujya ( synthesis with the Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light of his own soul itself ).

.   That makes the other soul experience above truth.

.   That indeed is “ Sadrupa ( the semblance of truth ) “, that indeed is “ Sath ( to be or to exist as the soul of the universe ) “, that “ Sath “ itself is “ Satyam , Truth “.

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