Sha Philosophy – Chapter26: SILENCE

In this world “ Mowna “ ( state of being silent or dumb ) is often seen among some persons, who disguise themselves as Yogis. Indeed such Mowna  is very useful to cheat others. When people see such Mowna, out of their ignorance they admire it. In fact such things are required to be discouraged.

The  ancient man of the world was indeed lacking the power of speech. He was dumb. His dumbness has been gradually transformed into gestures as his intellect developed. The gestures he used were,

.     Showing belly with the left – hand and touching the mouth with the right-hand fingers to express the desire to eat food at the time of hunger.

.     Taking the right-hand to the lips with fingers held together so as to form a cup to express the desire to drink water at the time of thirst.

Gestures such as these have been gradually transformed into words. At the beginning , the ancient man used symbols formed by curved lines. Gradually he converted them into alphabets. He integrated these alphabets and made words and meaningful  sentences to express his desires with voice. As he learnt speaking, his dumbness ceased,  gradually dialects have been formed and vast treasure of literature has been developed. He could ultimately attain the capability to define and prove the Rasaswarupa ( Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light ) of Eeswara ( God ) with his vocabulary. In this world, the literature he wrote in his spiritual pursuit to define or prove the Rasaswarupa is available in the form of theosophy. Prior to reaching to this stage of development, man learnt how to write history. As his mind advanced scientifically, he could acquire the capability to see the moon and other worlds ( planets ). History consists of narration of past events, which were depicted in literature. When it is read, it diverts the human insight ( mind ) to the times gone by and makes the reader visualize those past events.

The stimulations created by all the five sensory organs cause pleasure to the mind as per its desire. In those stimulations, pleasure, pain, sorrow and joy are experienced by mind. The basis for all these things is voice ( vocal sound ) . Man has named  “ doing away with voice “ Mowna ( keeping silence or mute ) and in that process, he tortures his own life and annihilates the inner self. It is a fact that, even while keeping such Mowna  ( silence or dumbness ), though he doesn’t express his desires  through voice, man can manage to fulfil his desires and other worldly affairs ( may be superior or inferior ) by means of his gestures. However, it will be very delightful, when such persons ( who maintain silence ) do away with gestures also along with their voice. Some people proclaim that, deliberate stoppage of the use of one of the sensory organs like, mouth to do away with voice or blindfolding the eyes to do away sight, is a great miracle. If that Mowni, who keeps silence ( or has done away with his voice ) as austerity, blind folds his eyes also to do away with his sight, he will be able to realize how much distressed is his inner self. If we keep ourselves in that situation and examine, we too can realize how much distress it causes to the inner self of such a Mowni, when the organ of speech is shut and voice is annihilated.

The Mowna ( state of being silent or dumb ) :

The man who aims at learning the Supreme Knowledge to attain salvation is indeed a Mowni, who keeps silence as austerity or assiduity.

When we call somebody Mowni, he should, observe and examine every aspect of life with tranquillity, comprehend which is vile and which is superior, bring those superior things into his experience and endeavor  to lead his life like a common man without any ostentation.

The  person, who avoids participating in altercations or disputes, which occur between his fellow beings, when they come into his sight, is a Mowni  indeed.

Mowni is he, who takes up silently the good activities, which are confirmed to be yielding good results and consecrates those good things alone in the eyes of the world.

In this way , the man, who takes up good activities till the end of his life and is praised by others in his absence during discussions about his exemplary deeds, is indeed a real Mowni.

Somebody has abused you. You have the ability to kill him . You have such a capability that, none can stop your word and action. You can endure or get away with any problem, which may arise thereafter. Even then, you have left that place with patience by maintaining silence and creating amazement to the people around ! That admirable patience you have displayed in the form of silence is indeed Mownavrata  ( maintaining silence as austerity or assiduity ).

Presently, the Mowna ( silence ) maintained by shutting of the mouth is publicized as a very great feat of Yoga. However, such yogis are tightlipped to maintain  Mowna  as a means to conceal their inability to answer appropriately to the queries of others. The society also mistakes such a method of dumbness to be Mowna ( maintaining silence as austerity ). Those who mistake such dumbness to be Mowna  may try it, so that they can realize how much vile is such Mowna in their own experiences.

When we say Mowna ( silence ), it is that ability of a person , who has patience associated with enormous endurance in his possession. He is a tacitum ( concise in speech ). Smile always adores his face. Such a person indeed is a Mowni. This is possible only to the True Philosopher ( True Master ). Indeed such a philosopher is the semblance of Mowna. Indeed Cosmic Form itself is the semblance of the silence.

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