Sha Philosophy – Chapter30: DELIGHT

The  soul successively takes 84 Lakhs ( 8.4 millions ) of gross bodies of various kinds of creatures. It comes out of all such births by manifesting in human form, which has advanced brain and intelligence. Such a human form itself is composed of delight.

If you wish to discover or perceive this delight, you may pay attention to those creatures, which you observe; they are in fact among those 84 Lakhs ( 8.4 millions )of multitudes of moving and non-moving creatures in which your soul has taken birth prior to your present human birth. If you compare your birth with those births, you can realize that, your present birth is very superior. If you observe the troubles and abuses they suffer from, you can visualize that, once upon a time how your soul also had suffered like that in such births and came out of those births and ultimately has taken the human birth. You can also recognize that, there is no other birth, which is superior to and exalted than human birth. When such a realization comes in anybody’s mind, verily by nature he will be delighted in his heart. This can be explained as follows.

When man compares himself with the other creatures of the world pertaining to, food habits, way of life, freedom, discretion, difficulties, happiness, intelligence, knowledge and so forth, he will certainly be delighted. Even so, if somebody questions, what the reason is for the man’s grievance; the reason is, he compares his way of life with that of others, who enjoy more wealth, prosperity, resources, food, authority, liberty and merriment. But, he never compares his way of life with that of others, who are inferior to him with respect to wealth and prosperity. If he does so, beyond doubt, he will be delighted.

If any soul, which has taken human form, could define clearly any inconceivable thing and if any other man perceives or realizes it, he also feels delighted as if he himself has done it because he thinks that a man like him or a soul like him has done it. The life of the man, in which such a delight is sensed, is indeed delightful. But, the man is becoming enslaved to the worldly pleasures, and comforts, because he hopes that the delight can be derived only from them and endeavours to accomplish it by means of them. In these pursuits itself he is forcing his delightful soul to suffer from vilest of the vilest sorrows towards the end.

Though the Charvakas have learnt that the human life is very delightful, they couldn’t realize its origin ( etymon ). They endeavoured to accomplish the delight through worldly passions and could not attain the eternal bliss, which is in the form of Supreme Knowledge and perished. The doctrine of the persons, who hopes to attain the delight in physical form through physical actions ( means ), may surely perish on some day.

If the man cogitates in his mind that, he is in such a stage, which excels the entire creation and observes it, he can realize that his soul has evolved into human form in this world by ending successively 84 Lakhs ( 8.4 millions ) of multitudes of births of moving and non-moving creatures. He can also realize that the present birth is far advanced in intelligence and powerful enough to visualize things. When such a powerful man pays attention to those quiescent ( inactive ) life forms, which he observes in this world; he can visualize that, when his soul was in such births, he too might have had suffered from similar kinds of troubles and hardships. When he visualizes the liberty, freedom and joy enjoyed in his present birth, he certainly realizes that, the present human birth gives delight and has authority over this creation. If he cognizes that, such a great human birth is composed of love and gives delight, his delight becomes boundless. Therefore, every human birth bestows delight.

In reality, by nature, man is composed of eternal delight ( bliss ). To attain this inborn eternal bliss,

.  He should work hard in mundane affairs and be contented with whatever he gets as remuneration for his labor.

.  He should keep all his worldly things aside and concentrate his attention ( meditate ) on the individual ( Master ), who had learnt the Supreme Knowledge and realize that, he himself is transformed into that individual ( Master ).

Then, such a man is fit to be called delightful. He indeed is a self made “ man “ . He is verily the embodiment of eternal bliss. He himself is the Philosopher.


Charvakas : Followers of skeptical  philosopher Charvaka, who left Hindu creed.

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