Sha Philosophy – Chapter31: EDUCATION

In natural process, the education is commenced as a skilful plan that provides a means for subsistence to man.

Initially man starts his education with the practice of writing alphabets and learns the order of letters; spellings, grammar and sentences in the form of language unto the class one and then he continues his studies further to successively pass all the classes to excel in a specific  course of study unto a certain stage, where he wants to reach. After the completion of his education, he gets some degree or diploma, with which he tries to get some job according to his course of study, after he gets it, feels successful and lives happily. Such an education is confined to passing the related subjects in the respective fields of study and obtaining degrees like Master of Arts ( M.A), Master of Science (,  Master of Law ( M.L), Master of Engineering ( M.E), Doctor of Medicine ( M.D) and Master of Surgery ( M.S)etc. Above all, man is becoming a scientist by qualifying in Physical Sciences, doing research in the fields, where he want to focus his mind and becoming successful. Today he is establishing his realm on the other planets, exulting with the feeling that none can excel him and becoming an atheist due to this arrogance. He is making others, who are relatively inferior to him in education; to accept that God does not exist at all with his rational arguments and acquiring their commendation. As he is unable to realize to what  extent the true meaning of the excellence present within him, he is transforming into an atheist and perishing. Indeed the reason for this sort of development is his pride of education. But, he is unable to understand by himself that, the method of his education is to “ learn by rote ( memorization by repetition ) and spell it out word by word “. He teaches this education, he had learnt by memorization, by spelling it out to his students word by word, corroborate it physically by means of the results obtained by mixing one chemical to the other according to his own understanding and then making them to by-heart the whole procedure and repeat it after memorization. That’s all the transformation of education! Nevertheless, the man is unable to understand the unearthly ( spiritual ) education is Supreme and how to bring it into his own experience and learn as practicing alphabets.

The authors of Upanishads said,  “ Vidya Pramanam  Vinayam  Vedheyaha, the measure for education is humbleness and obedience. People are unable to understand that, there is a close relation between education and humbleness and obedience, because they think that the education is some qualification useful in materialistic world. If man wants to substantiate, this technical term “ education “, he requires doing it through his behaviour . i.e., the way by which others can comprehend the education present in man is contained in the humbleness and obedience he shows. However, this decorum is very hard to attain by materialists.

To comprehend the meaning of such an education, the teacher, who teaches you to learn education, happens to be a Sathguru ( True Master ),

.  He should transform every alphabet He teaches into imperishable, perpetual syllables to awaken you into boundless Cosmic Form consisting of the Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light.

.  He should teach how that alphabet is transformed into perpetual syllable.

.  He should transform you ( because you are His disciple) in such a manner that, whenever any soul ( man ), who can comprehend those perpetual syllables, which define the true nature of education, appears in front of you, you will spontaneously bow down your head in front of that soul with humbleness and obedience, which are the elements of education.

.  Such a great person is indeed educated.

.  The man who is embodied with such a powerful soul is exalted in this creation.

.  He expresses His education with decorum ( i.e., without telling in words that he possesses it ).

.  Such an educated man will be able to receive the commendation of the society.

Let us take some examples to understand the difference between the worldly ( temporal ) education and unearthly ( spiritual ) education.

Man is transforming himself to use his learning of worldly education only for obtaining some job or business. Because of such an education man is perishing lowly. To understand this, observe a fruit bearing Munaga ( drumstick tree, which resembles horse radish tree, hyperanthera  moringa ) which is full of well grown stick like fruits. As the tree bears more and more fruits, its branches will become brittle and stiff. When wind blows, they break and fall down very easily and perish.

The man , who has acquired the imperishable ( eternal ) power owing to the internalization of education, became a source for humbleness and obedience, can be compared with a fruit bearing Mango tree. When the Mango tree is excessively full of mangoes, owing to their weight, the tree droops down as if it is showing humbleness and obedience. The owner of that tree tries to provide supports to those branches so that they won’t break. Similarly, when the society finds such humbleness and obedience, which are the decorum of education, in any one, it supports and praises such humility.

The humbleness and obedience contained in humility will never lead the man to atheism. They lead him towards the path of divine light. They propel his thoughts to inquire into the relation between the inner self ( feeling of “I “ ) and the sublime Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light known as the Eeswara ( God ) and make his mind attached to spiritual thoughts. In addition to this, they lead him to identify and follow another individual, who has attained the abstract transformation of his  soul into boundless Cosmic  Form consisting of the Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light. If that individual happens to be a Sathguru ( True Master ), He attracts the spiritual energy ( inner self ) present in that man ( disciple ), who follows him and transforms him ( the inner self of the disciple ) into His ( Master’s ) own form.

So, in reality, the education indeed is the accomplishment of transformation of the “ inner self “ into the Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light of Eeswara ( God ), by becoming equivalent to ones own Sathguru ( True Master ).

Therefore, education is said to be the “ humbleness and obedience” , with which , whoever realizes that, there is esoteric energy ( power ), latent within him, is indeed the educated. That education indeed is the Eeswaratwam, Godhood or being as Supreme Soul. That Divine Energy itself is education.

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