Newsletter – Sep 2023

Dear Member Friends,

We wish you all, A Happy Sath Guru Sha Jayanthi

Sath Guru Hussein Sha was our seventh Head of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham and blessed us with a holy book, Sha Thathwam (Sha Philosophy), and this book is the essence of all religions’ doctrines, and explains ways and means to lead a blissful life. Holy Sath Guru Sha garu speaks the ultimate realities of this life, soul, and the Absolute.

Miracles, miracles, and miracles!!!

Gurudev’s followers’ lives are examples of told and untold miracles, many are alive now, and they remember how their Guru lived a simple life though a powerful and realized soul. If we believe in philosophy and having complete faith in Guru, miracles are a part of our day-to-day life, and we never be bothered by illusion. The simple logic and truth behind the success of the disciples is, if they would feel the omnipresence of their Guru, they can experience his power also, and every moment can communicate to him and take his guidance and blessing. Any salvation of physical level problems with Sath Guru’s blessing is divine, and to have such access to the mighty Sath Guru’s power, we must have faith. In addition, Sadhana is an essential thing

Learn with awareness 

The life of the Guru itself is a lesson to us, and we disciples have to watch Gurudev with care and learn lessons. As sincere disciples, we need to develop and expand our consciousness to have the awareness to observe Guruji and inculcate dedication towards the Guru. 

Faith can move mountains, faith in yourself and your Guru, and you can become a Siddha(Perfected one) with prajna (the state of wisdom which is higher than knowledge ) So member friends, let us look into ourselves, clear the clogs and follow the Sath Guru with awareness to lead an enlightened life.

Thanking you

Till next News Letter!!!

Yours spiritually

Renuka Devi Vangara

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