Newsletter – Dec 2020

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham, wish you all “A happy New Year 2021”. It is a celebration and happy time. Time is finite, precious, non-recyclable, and that never comes back. Time never stops and keeps on moving. We always wonder looking into the past and exclaim, “Oh! I fail to realize how quickly the time passed”. Every year, December 31st is our D- Day when we plan for the coming year. We assess our merits, demerits, and design new guidelines to follow for a better tomorrow.  

Every person aspires to have success, prosperity, love, and peace in life. At one point in time, we get a feeling and realize that nothing is in our hands, and destiny anyways will appear before us. If it is a proven fact that we cannot dictate our life and every detail is pre-decided, then what is our role in life? Lord Rama, Krishna, Prophet Mohammed, and Lord Jesus’ way of life is an exemplary example of human life. They struggled hard to uphold moral values and truth, and their lifestyle became a Dharma- a guideline to present men. Dharma clearly says to lead a responsible life without expecting returns. Gautama Buddha meditated and learned that desires are the root cause of misery. Expectation hangs mind in a desolation state. Brooding over the past, and the anticipation of a bright future both are the cause of human sorrow. Living in the present lets the mind stay in peace and happiness

A being is an integration of body, mind, and soul. The emotional reflection of the mind on the physical leads to many diseases. If we are successful in balancing mind, we can live with peace, and then the chances of becoming sick are rare. We can identify a being by his mind. The human mind influences and dictates a life pattern and is an executor of six vices. If it functions in compliance with Dharma, it will rise above the influences of six temptations, kundalini, and time. How to train the irresistible mind? Sath Guru taught us Jnana Sadhana, a part of our innovative “Thrayi Sadhana”. Jnana Sadhana means reading philosophical and holy books. What is in the books? A book reflects the mind of an author. If the author is a Sath Guru, a divine incarnation, a prophet, and an enlightened one, then that mind possesses divineness. Such a mind’s written words constitute a vibration that is capable of influencing ordinary souls, charge the reader with divineness, drenching them in ecstasy and peace. That’s why great people say read in between words and lines, and observe in silence as silence is the source of everything. The words emanate and merge in silence. Thus, we can grasp the underlying true essence in literature. We fall into a deep meditative state, lost in that vibration. That magnetic vibration changes the pattern of the mind, soothes it, and removes stagnated evil malignancy. Such is the beauty, hidden in spiritual literature. The rest of the two practices are recitation of Maha Mantra for burning the carry forward karmic stack imbibed in the five elemental physical form and Dhyana Sadhana. The Thrayi Sadhana has been designed by Sath Guru to solve the misery and sorrow of human life and bless them with the right livelihood, peace, contentment, and eternal bliss. What else one needs in life? Nothing! Now let us discuss the concept of predestined life.

With the grace of Sath Guru, when the Thrayi Sadhana is controlling six vices, karmic stack, influences of time, and kundalini, then life will not slip from our hands like tiny sand particles. We can hold it and have the strength to follow Dharma. So, dear member friends, on the eve of this New Year, let us take an oath to follow Sath Guru’s word and understand the dynamics and hidden mystery of this divine life. 

Thank you.

Till next News Letter!

Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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