Newsletter – Apr 2023

Dear Member Friends,

Taittiriya Upanishad says, “Mathru devo bhava; Pithru devo bhava; Acharya devo bhava; Athidhi devo bhava;” Mother is given first place in life and has given respect like a divine form upon this planet Earth, and she helps her child understand everything and introduces father to her child and the whole world. A Mother is the first teacher of any child and imitates their mother and learns from her mannerisms. A well-educated mother can raise her child with knowledge and train them as the best persons. The relationship between a child and parent is divine and based on pure love and light. When the kid is young, things will move smoothly, and when the kid grows, he gets his thoughts the problem of identity begins.

Sometimes rift may appear in the relations. A free-willed kid never likes to be under control, and the parent insists on the child to oblige their decisions. Every being is unique and possesses their signature in performing a task, and their interests are also different. As parents have seen the world and have immense experience handling life and its issues, they think their adolescents know nothing. These days we see such rifts and children running away from their homes and ending in the hands of criminals. The rising violence in society, the insecure atmosphere, and the usage of alcohol and drugs all are helping the rise in crime.

The fact is parents are well-wishers for any child. The differences in thinking of a child and a parent can be well-addressed if one adopts spiritual philosophy in their life. How to convince a child? From childhood, if a child knows about spiritual philosophy, he understands to present his idea without hurting his parent’s ideas and can take good suggestions. In similar, if parents practice spirituality, they will know the unique features of their kids, and they will enrich the child’s ideas with theirs. They can discuss amicably and come to a workable conclusion. Thus a child and parent can have an excellent rapport, and we can say this is the beauty of the practice of spirituality.

Our Peetham conducts a program called Bala Thathwik Vikas for children above the age of five years. This program aims to implant spiritual and philosophical thoughts in the minds of children and train them in various ways like in Vedic Mathematics, quick thinking, day-to-day application of science, meditation, communication skills, etc., The adults also have training camps in spiritual philosophy, and these retreat camps aim to build beautiful families with good relations based on pure love, service, and bliss. Society is composed of social groups, and groups comprise families. The basic unit of any social group is the family. The work is done at the gross root level by the volunteers. The SathGuru personally counsels many and helps them come out of their grief. For ages, this Peetham has taken up many activities to help people at physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

Dear Member Friends… Let us do more sadhana and help people in need at physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Thanking you

Yours spiritually

Renuka Devi Vangara

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