Newsletter – Jan 2016

Start this New Year –

With renewed energy and see life afresh…..

Hello Dear Member friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Vignana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year that fills your life with love, light, health, and peace…We knew Time is the form of God. Calendar shows so many auspicious days and we celebrate them with festive mood. God designs time schedule to alert us and make us more conscious about inner dwelling divine. Time tests and educates us. Time is the great healer. So, Hindu mythology defines, “Kala Bhairava as God of time and ruler of Kasi – the holy city of enlightenment”. People pray Kala Bhairava to get blessings and to lead life blissfully without much hindrance from time and enjoy favorable time. Our dharma also says to pray time to overcome ill-effects of time.

Mind is hyperactive, never takes rest and always busy in one or other aspect. Mind becomes burdened by carrying past. Thinking and dreaming much about future leads to mental delusion. The thoughts of either past or future burdens mind. Living in the present is bliss. That state of ‘present mind’ is filled with fresh energy and is creative. The spirituality is a way of life and preaches to live in now and certainly… it is not a subject matter to be handled at late life. It’s like breath of life.

We are in the time of “New Year”. The essence of New Year day is to see and feel life in a new manner. Die to past grieves and dead thoughts. Let new thoughts flow. See the life afresh. Live the life with renewed energy. See the world with unified thought so that peace and bliss flow eternally.

Dear members, we all knew the power of Maha Mantra that can dictate time, maha kundalini, illusion and six temptations. So, let us all do Maha Mantra sadhana and lead life with new freshness and powerful stable mind. “Maha Mantra is Sath Guru and Sath Guru is the form of Maha Mantra”. By doing sadhana we get blessings from Sath Guru and can easily attain salvation within this physical.

Thanking you.

Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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