Newsletter – Jan 2021

Dear Member Friends,

We are entering into a colorful month of January 2021 and, we have the harvest festival Makara Sankranthi. The people celebrate by flying kites and, they fly high to touch the sky. People visit holy rivers to offer prayers to the Sun God. Sun transit into the Capricorn sign and, the days become longer. Many parts of India and Nepal celebrate this festival with religious fervor and devotion. We are fortunate to born in this spiritual country India where we have many festivals and reasons to celebrate. We have numerous social and cultural occasions to make us happy. If we are happy, then our mental and physical health is good. When we are free from the fear, then true inner happiness shines resulting in perfect health.

How to overcome fear?

The year 2020 shattered us with Covid 19 virus and, still, we are in that fear. One side the dangerous virus and the other side the fear killed many. Fear is the child of ignorance and illusion and, knowledge is the antidote to that worst fear. Only the Sath Guru can help human beings in understanding absolute divine knowledge that helps thwart illusion. He helps human beings attain a free fearless state. After initiation, through following his preaching, one gets confidence and enlightenment and is never afraid of any situation that includes death also. The sadhaka tries to attain liberation within this physical. So, in the time of Sun transit, let us do more practice to find Sun God in our heart and invoke the God within to understand all-pervading divinity.

Thanking you

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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