Newsletter – Jan 2023

Dear Member Friends,

Handle Mind and Hold life in your Hands

Hope is the breath of any life. Human beings aspire and hope to see a better tomorrow for themselves. All beings lead a life with the hope that the best things will happen, and that’s the motivating force for human beings to lead a life with optimism. The Earthians life is time bound, short, and full of emotions that run the show. The life pattern of any being on Earth is under the influences of time, kundalini, the past karmic stack of a being, illusion, and six vices. Life situations arise out of all these factors that influence existing circumstance. In this complex and unpredictable environment, one has to organize life simply and blissfully, and to achieve that, the mind has to be managed to keep life at ease and peace. Human is a reflection of the mind, and that mind craves love, happiness, peace, prosperity, identity, and all such good things. Amid the aspirations and fulfilling the aspirations, there lay a bridge made up of planning, hard work, and a bit of luck. An emotional feeling of merriness strikes the mind when the target is hit and success showers. In this life game, the mind builds or breaks an individual’s life.

How to lead blissful life above this tricky mind? 

The human mind is a powerful tool and can be tuned to attract all positivity in this universe. How to train the human mind attract universal positive vibes? 

The Peethadhipathis of Sri Viswa Viznan Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham is Sufi saints, and this Guru Parampara blessed human with the Maha Mantra. Mantra has the vibration of the whole universe, helps the practitioner at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels, blessing with livelihood at the physical, peace and contentment at the mental, and salvation at the spirit level. The regular practice helps the mind draw positive energies. A certain period of spiritual practice, practitioner becomes powerful and can alter any problematic situation, circumstance, or relation, into a positive, cheerful state. At that stage, the practitioner heart is filled with pure love and expects nothing from life. 

Hence, spiritual practice is essential to lead a bliss-filled life. If practiced with ardent faith, devotion and aim, all the cells were magnetized with divinity and work as a medium of God- the Absolute.

Thanking you

Yours spiritually,

Renuka Devi

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