Newsletter – Dec 2022

Dear Member Friends

I wish and hope you are all doing great by the grace and blessings of Swami. The festival of Christmas falls on the 25th of this month, and we celebrate the birthday of the Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus declared, “Follow me with faith.” Faith in Lord is a powerful tool that can move mountains. Sath Guru Dr. Umar Alisha Swami always preaches to follow his word with faith, aim, devotion and knowledge. Every day, we hear many words and they infuse various feelings in our minds, and a being is engaged in the gamble of word shower. Life runs by expressed, unexpressed and written words that impact our minds resulting in various emotions like love, hate, violence, etc. The people around us and the world react through expressions, a conglomeration of words.

Then a question arises how to communicate with ourselves and others?

Often we are strict and lack love toward ourselves, and we tend to neglect ourselves and pay attention to the outside world. In this process, the inner incarnated soul craves attention.

What is the food for the incarnated soul?

The soul is nourished by doing good works, good behavior, stopping hurting others through words or deeds, and doing sadhana (spiritual practice). The spiritual practice may vary, but all religious practices aim to live in communion with the Supreme- God. Our Guru parampara taught us Thrayee Sadhana, and we must practice it without fail. Then, how to nourish the physical body? We need to be gentle towards ourselves and our circumstances and be wise in handling our personal and professional life. We need a mind that continuously learns and updates knowledge. Philosopher Socrates never stopped learning till the cessation of his breath. By expanding our horizons of thinking, we ease our life, accept life and assimilate positive vibrations and bliss into it.

Our sadhana assimilates all the physical, mental, and spiritual levels of a human being, and by practicing regularly, we know the value of a word, how to communicate, how to lead bliss-filled life, and most importantly, to live in communion with God.

Thanking you

Yours spiritually,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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