Newsletter – Jan 2024

Dear Member Friends,


I hope this mail finds you all in an energetic mood as you are all in a festive mood with the preparation for the celebration for this New Year 2024. The hearts are filled with aspirations, plans, and ideas and fly with joy like a butterfly that flies from one flower to another and enjoys delicious nectar. Life is a cup of opportunities. In life, to grasp that opportunity, this physical life must exist. The Earth and Earthians have the problem of global warming, unpredictable weather conditions, soil erosion, rising water levels, more constructions, deforestation, and a rise in population. It is time to take measures to protect our planet and hand it over to the next generations. For that, everyone has to plant more trees. The health conditions are all deteriorating as many variants of COVID-19 are troubling humans with ill health and poor morale conditions.

We need a healthy environment with more greenery and healthy mindsets. Sath Guru’s decree is to plant more trees under the NA MOKKA NA SWASA program to protect Mother Earth and Earth from environmental pollution. To have a healthy, progressive, and positive mind, one has to think positively and practice the essence written in spiritual philosophic books. Sath Guru says to practice Jnana Sadhana to have peace and enrichment in our lives. JNANA MOOLAM EDAM JAGATH. Knowledge is the basis of all existence. Knowledge is essential to understand this physical system, life, origin, aim, and for ultimate liberation. Mind is a tool for maintaining physical health and for practicing spiritual practices. We have to practice in such a way as to keep the mind at peace so that it exhibits the highest excellence in all spheres of life.
On the eve of New Year, let us take an oath to plant more trees and make our planet green. We need a physical to breathe and live a life, and this planet for our existence. So let us protect this physical and this planet.
Thanking you
Spiritually yours
Renuka Devi Vangara

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