Newsletter – Apr 2018

News Letter Apr-2018

In this ecstatic spring
let us do more sadhana
and receive Sath Guru’s divine blessings

Dear Member friends,
Now we are in the Telugu New Year called Hevilambi and the spring the queen of seasons is enchanting our hearts with her beautiful magnificence. Spring is identified with new thoughts of rejuvenation, re-growth and resurrection. This time is wonderful for artists and poets. Time and human beings lives are interlinked as time dictates our lives. We are all time bound beings in this nature. Nature and we, both are composition of five elemental forces. The changes in nature also reflect in our physical. Watching nature and its glory is pleasing to eyes, bees humming and busy in collecting honey, butterflies flying draped in rare colors, earth in green garment and exquisite scented breeze mixed with the fragrance of spring flowers, trees and earth.
What we have to do as sadhakas in this time? What exists outside is an inner story. It is in our inner self also. Whole universe is in our inner self as the inner spirit is quintessence of that ‘Supreme’. The change when takes place in nature reflects in self also. The thing is that we must have an innate aware of happenings in self and surroundings. How to develop awareness? People spent years in sadhana to get an inner insight, wisdom eye and awareness. They sacrifice physical luxuries and lead a secluded life to attain such higher states. In our Peetham, we have pretty simple sadhana in the form of “Tri Sadhana”. We are well aware of “Tri Sadhana”, an integration of “Mantra Sadhana, Jnana Sadhana and Dhyana Sadhana”. Without altering our life style, religion we can practice and yet attain the states of a Yogi, Jnani and Jeevan muktha. The brilliant fact about our Dharma and practice is that after becoming a member, a new life starts blessed by Sath Guru. There is a saying that, “A life blessed by Sath Guru is above the affects of planets, time and kundalini”. They can surpass this samsara (worldly journey) with ease and grace. Volumes of literature are available upon the greatness of Sath Guru. So this unique feature of “Perennial blessings of Sath Guru” helps our sadhakas who really follow his word and Dharma to attain salvation within this physical. In addition, we have a great blessing from our Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham in the form of the three boons and they are livelihood at physical, contentment at mental and salvation at spirit level. What more one can aspire for?
If it is like that, then…what are we waiting for? Let us follow Sath Guru’s preached philosophy without fail and receive perennial Sath Guru’s blessings thereby we could easily surpass this worldly life conglomerated with emotions and merge into supreme light.
Thanking you.
Until …next news letter…..
Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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