Newsletter – July 2021

Dear Member Friends,  

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham, wish you all, Happy Guru Purnima. Guru thwarts our dark ignorance and blesses us with the light of knowledge. For anyone, the mother is the first Guru. Mother introduces us to father, and later many teach us life lessons. They all contribute to our growth and, that is worldly knowledge. Life goes unhindered till a shock or an irresolvable problem surfaces. That moment is crucial as we try to solve that problem by roaming holy places like temples, churches, mosques, Gurus, and even black magic people. Life hints show and even haunts one and all to learn about inner self. The incarnated soul also cries for food and tries to teach the person to look inside for solutions. Despite the efforts of nature, incarnated soul, prana, and physical problems, the man never attempts to learn about the self (the true I). Among many, only one can know the Absolute. The trick, six vices, Kundalini and, time are hurdles in self-realization. People say that Brahma Vidya is tough to learn, but it is easy if we have the grace of Sath Guru. We are very fortunate to have a compassionate, powerful Sath Guru. He blessed us with Thraye Sadhana, the most effective and powerful tool to align body, mind, and soul. This sadhana helps the sadhaka at physical, mental, and spiritual planes. The sadhaka becomes self-reliant and gets the capability to handle any problem. He becomes mentally strong and becomes a torchbearer to fellow human beings. The service and sadhana go hand in hand in this Peetham. Sath Guru is planting seeds of love and compassion in human hearts through spirituality and social service activities. By following him, disciples transform into perfect human beings without altering their lifestyles. 

The world exists for us as long as we exist. The fact is, what is in the external world is inside us. If we can understand the true I, the hidden mysteries of this creation, the universe, God, and the soul are understood. For that, we need to do sadhana. The difficulties, sorrow, and many human-bound problems won’t let us do sadhana. To perform any task, we need motivation. In life, we are motivated by many. We succeed by following them. In spirituality, Guru initiates us and offers the highest inspiration to lead a realized and liberated life. All motivational words and classes are limited to a particular subject or task. But Sath Guru’s initiation inspires a person to lead a perfect life. We, the members, need to follow his word to attain salvation within this physical. In real life, we may fail to manifest what we read in the text, but here in this Modern temple of Humanity, we experience truth. So dear member friends, let us follow Dharma to relish eternal bliss upon this planet Earth.

Namaskarams to Masters of all times

Thanking you

Yours spiritually,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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