Newsletter – Oct 2022

Dear Member Friends.

We from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhythmika Peetham wish you all Happy Sarannava Ratrulu (The nine enlightenment days), Dussehra, and Diwali

In India, we have so many festivals. These festivals are means to celebrate the success of good over evil. Then a question arises, what is good and what is evil?  

An Avadhootha never distinguished between these two. He lives in a state of liberation and ecstasy and is above all emotions. The evil person’s actions hurt people, and they suffer. The pain and sufferings are real. Can we be calm and go on doing spiritual practices irrespective of the deeds of evil people? Does patience solve the existing problem? Mahatma Gandhiji’s way of non-violence and non-cooperation bought freedom to our country. It is a kind of spiritual moment against the mighty British. Is spirituality spreads the message of roaming quietly without being affected by situations and problems?

We help people in need. As Sath Guru says, service and spirituality go together. Compassion enhances our heart chakra and smiles upon our crown—the place of Sath Guru, enriching the sadhana. Helping oppressed and depressed people is also a service. Raising our voice against atrocities is also a good thing. The spiritual people, through their sadhana, will spread positive vibes, charging many minds and filling them with courage, patience, strength, compassion, love, and light. This mission is silent and invisible, but the results are pretty good. In addition to physical level action, the powerful intention of the mind and regular spiritual sadhanas will transform ignorant minds into enlightened and blissful minds. The secret of spirituality always rests with elevating the mind to an enlightened state where the changed mind, like a swan, differentiates good over evil, takes the right path, and lives blissfully.

So, dear member friends, be alert and do sadhana as is explained by our Sath Guru and lead a responsible life. Enrich your life by taking more responsibility towards the universe, nature, and all beings. Expand your mind universally and fill your life with bliss.

Thanking you

Till the next News Letter!

Yours spiritually

Renuka Devi Vangara,

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