Newsletter – Nov 2023

Dear Member Friends,

This month, the Sath Guru tours many places in AP, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra, and for disciples, it is a festive time like Diwali and Christmas. Many await this to receive abundant showers of blessings. Here, a question arises in our minds,

How to receive blessings?

Let us discuss preparatory steps before meeting a Sath Guru

Be open to receiving blessings

We are all closed people. From childhood, we have so many impressions, and we move accordingly. We fail to see things, events, and persons as it is as impression color over it. We need to free the mind from past impressions and see the picture of a situation as it is to understand its originality. When we empty our bothered minds, we become transparent channels, and then the physical system is prepared and ready to receive any holy blessings. So, dear Member friends, be prepared for the great event and receive abundance from Sath Guru.

Do Sadhana

They say that Manthra is Guru, and Guru is the form of Manthra, and a pure heart is essential for any spiritual practice. In a specified time, let us try practicing Maha Manthra with sincerity and pure heart, and then watch the self. Observe the changes in the body and mind. Then, the transformed self finds ease in aligning the physical system with Maha Manthra – the Sath Guru. We can see the power of the word is hidden in philosophical works. Gnana Sadhana, reading philosophy books, helps register valuable knowledge stored in a subconscious state, and they auto guide us in our day-to-day life in making decisions and directing any life towards a better direction. Meditation eases the physical system and aligns the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Thus, a state of perfectness is achieved through practice where we can receive blessings.

Time (Kala) Sadhana

Time is a form of God. We must set a time and place for spiritual practice and regularly follow the schedule. We must attend the Aradhana in time. Those who follow and do work as per the scheduled time with devotion, the time follows them. So, dear member friends, let us be on time and listen to the word of Sath Guru. A good word can transform life in a better way. We can never predict the future, and we cannot erase the past. What is left now? Only the current time is in our hands, so let us utilize time effectively to do sadhana, follow the word of Sath Guru, and receive blessings to attain realization within this physical.

Thanking you

Spiritually yours

Ranuka Devi Vangara

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