Newsletter – Sep 2015

Your life and salvation is in your hands

Dear Member friends, We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Vignana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham, extend warm greetings on the eve of Ganesh Chathurdhi to you all. We perform several practices to get rid of obstacles and have success, health, happiness, peace and prosperity in life.

Have you gone through Swami’s precious message in the Editorial, Thathwa Gnanam magazine, August 2015 issue? Inspired by that message, I’m writing this letter to you. We all knew good or bad thoughts originate from causal body and it dictates subtle body and that in turn passes the message to gross body. The gross body will act as per the dictation it gets. Since, we have crossed 84, 00,000 life forms and are having the impressions and karmic stacks carry forwarded; the time, kundalini and karma are dictating our lives by designing situations, events and appropriate persons as per our past and always there is a lesson to be learnt from every incident.

Our dharma promulgates members to practice Maha Mantra, read philosophic books and implement philosophy in day to day life and attend aradhanas (Satsangs) regularly. Swami says, “Practicing these three is penance”. Being in samsara, if we sincerely practice dharma, our gross body will deliver philosophic life transforming messages to subtle body and subtle will in turn to causal body, there by the source of thoughts origination can be corrected and hence our life. See, the glory of our dharma. When one can change thought patterns he/she can change whole life’s phenomena. Through practice, we can erase our karma and evolve as new divine beings. When our practice reaches the state of great causal body we can understand our Sath Guru and have the darshan of “Embodied Soul”- the inner dwelling divine within this physical.

For all this to happen… we simply need to do practice. So, dear friends, lets us follow dharma and do sadhana to understand the glory and bliss of human life. The grace and blessings of Sath Guru will always be with a true sadhaka and he will attain salvation within this physical here on this earth.

Thanking you.
Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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