Newsletter – Aug 2023

Dear Member Friends,

This summer left us shocked with the blazing scorching sun and heat waves, Mother Earth starved for a drop of water, and now the skies are down pouring rains in many parts of India. This year summer’s heat wave took a toll on human lives, and current rains are affecting northern parts of India, and over a hundred people died. The unhappy events happened because of imbalances in nature’s forces, and the fact is, Earth’s atmosphere is an integration of five elemental forces air, water, fire, Earth, and space.

What do we have to do as spiritualists in this world? 

In addition to planting saplings, growing more trees, and non-pollution measures, we need to do collective sadhana to spread the positive waves of love and light and transform people to be sensitive towards them and their surrounding people and environment.

Why people became insensitive?

These days, every being is suffering from stress and some incompleteness, are doing regular chores and are tired, and many failing to get proper rest. All are busy watching mobile and have no time for family and environmental protection. Anxiety and stress are a byproduct of a lack of appropriate planning and organizing capabilities, and time management techniques. Present generation people are so engrossed in their world that they fail to take care of their dear ones, and these are signs of growing insensitiveness.

The waves of sadhana make people sensitive towards themselves and others, subtle changes bought at the subconscious level will make them have a stress-free mind, and they realize the things happening in and around them. They understand their priorities and start paying more attention to their families and communicating and addressing the core unaddressed issues involving emotional, financial, relational, and others about family and society. 

A strong bond among the family members forms arrest aggression, depression, and various issues involving children, youth, and old-aged persons. If we are sensitive, we care and love others. Hence, being sensitive towards others is most important. The aradhanas (Collective Sadhana) propagate divine energies, and the spiritual positive waves generated from collective aradhanas promote sensitivity, love, and light in the air, and human beings will get transformation. 

God and Sath Guru- are a form of pure love and light. If love rules the world, the relations are pure, no space for internal and external violence, nature becomes perfectly balanced, and everything goes fine. 

Dear Member friends, let us do more sadhana and make this world beautiful and filled with love and light. 

Thanking you

Till next News Letter!!!

Yours spiritually,

Renuka Devi vangara

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