Newsletter – Apr 2016

In this New Year…Let us do more sadhana…

To envision divine within self and in the whole universe

 Dear Member friends,

The Queen of seasons spring season is entering along with Ugadi festival and many to follow. In this beautiful, melodious poet’s season we forget our cares and sorrows. Now in this enchanting serene time, we, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all a “Happy and prosperous Ugadi and merry spring”

It is said on this day Lord Brahma started creating his wonderful creation that includes our planet earth and many other life forms. On this very day Lord Krishna left his physical and Kali yuga started. Ugadi means yuga+adi that implies the beginning of new age. Lunisolar Telugu New year reminds us to forget all past happenings and start life afresh with positive note. The positive attitude itself fills the life with success, progress and bliss.

Our Ugadi starts with Sath Guru’s initiation. We die to our past and start a new life as Sath Guru’s chosen child. From then onwards, life will have a new definition and meaning. Ugadi pickle teaches to balance emotions in life as six taste combinations staring from sweet to bitter represent emotions from sadness to surprise. Like that, after becoming members, we tackle six temptations and live with balance and stable consciousness. This Sath Guru’s designed life will teach lessons practically and bestow us experience to understand truth and that too absolute truth. We learn how to deal with life and its all aspects. Knowledge becomes our breath. Life becomes enlightened. Knowledge, wisdom, truth and enlightenment follow us… Life will be in our hands if we do more sadhana.

SathGuru is always open to shower his blessings. We must be prepared to receive them. For that we need to follow his word and do sadhana. Listen to him with open mind. When ego – the “I” dies, mind opens, becomes ready to receive Sath Guru’s preaching in true sense and grasp the essence. With sincere faith, aim and devotion, when one surrenders at the feet of Guru, that self dies and true divinity blooms. In between words there is silence. Capture that space in silence and listen to him in silence also. Time is beautiful, finite and once lost never comes back.

Dear friends, In this wonderful Telugu New Year day, lets us rededicate our lives in the path of sadhana and attain salvation within this physical.

Thanking you

Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara


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