Tatwajnanam Editorial – Oct 2016 ( English Version )

Lit-up your life’s journey with philosophic knowledge


Have Swami’s blessings to attain all level enlightenment

Human life occurs after crossing and cleansing 84, 00,000 life forms and in them human life form has got power to know the Supreme. God blessed mankind with intelligence. What does this man needs? He needs knowledge. Through knowledge he comprehends and distinguishes between good and bad in life and lives in accordance with good.  But, when intellect is exhausted he cannot do anything and becomes a waste person. When Intellect and knowledge assimilates, a highest level is formed. Subsequently, a thought arises to know that power. When that thought transforms as philosophy then that in turn changes to knowledge. Then, a brilliance of knowledge forms. That brilliance reveals inner dwelling divine. That form of Brahma is “Aham Brahmasmi” and that’s “I became the form of God”. To understand this secret, the human life has crossed, cleansing 84, 00,000 life forms. The divine nectar energy transmitted into this human being. This peetham’s philosophy reveals about divine nectar formed energy. That’s why to understand divinity; one should try to obtain the power in philosophic knowledge.

 Every life form has desires, problems and difficulties. Right from a philosopher to an ordinary man, everyone face troubles in life. A question may arise, “Does the supreme God have troubles and problems?” If we understand Lord Sri Ramachandra Murthy’s difficulties, then we comprehend our troubles as trivial ones. In this way the divine formed Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Jesus, Prophet Mohammed had undergone through many pains and hardships. Their experiences are handed over to mankind in the form of knowledge. When we compare our problems and theirs, it is similar to difference between stone and mountain. If we depress and distress by facing pebble like problem, we cannot achieve anything in life. Such great lives problems when compared with ours, mind gets solace. Comfortable mind think well and gets a chance to get out of the problems. Ants and birds strive hard to earn food. When we construe our problems with them, we get knowledge to get out of our problems. If we think, we are sole sufferer then that trouble doubles and there is no solace. The one who never care troubles will achieve many things in life. Aim and persistence builds in them and their confidence boosts to such a level that they can achieve anything in life. We all knew about Bhaktha Ramadasu and his life which is full of difficulties. Yet, till last breath he did sadhana. We approach Swami in our intricacies and forget him when we are out of them. This type of life-acts will never reveal philosophic knowledge. When we try to realize Swami, we liberate by understanding both physical and absolute. The journey filled with desires will derive dark ignorance. That will never reveal about salvation.

Hunger surfaces with an instigation from digestive system and we search for food. Similarly, an inspiration should be ignited at mental level to know about philosophy. Then thoughts surface, “What is that we have to get?” “What is that we need?” These thoughts lit up philosophic knowledge-lamp. The thought itself is light that vanish worldly problems and fears. To light that knowledge-lamp, every thursday, we must have darshan of Swami. By lighting such lamp on thursdays of every week, we can erase the feelings of unrest and uproar and fill ourselves with comfort, happiness, health, longevity and peace. There lay a chance of removing all blocks and obstacles in life. That’s why, every week, we must try to light ourselves with philosophic knowledge. Time eternally flows. This peetham provides all that’s essential for living in physical and obtaining ultimate- the Supreme. That’s why, we must inculcate an aim and aspiration to continue life’s journey by assimilating philosophic knowledge and have Swami’s blessings to attain liberation within this physical.


Dr. Umar Alisha
SVVVAP, Pithapuram.

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