Newsletter – Jun 2023


Dear Member Friends,

How are you all? 

                  We wish you all a Very Happy Environment Day.

We have two types of environments one that exists at the physical level and another at the mind level, and in addition, we have an external natural environment. Nature comprises five physical elements fire, air, water, earth, and space, and the physical body has the same five elements in the same proportion. Any disproportion among these five elemental forces causes ill health in the human system and natural calamities on this planet. The imbalances in these five element forces cause the mind to get disturbance and succumb to hatred, anxiety, and depression. For physical health, we need to have healthy food, exercise, and perform spiritual practices to achieve balance in the physical, mental, and spiritual planes.

Spiritual philosophy is not aloof from our lives and is a part of our life process. The Spiritual and philosophical practices bring divine energy into our lives and shower positive energy on all receiving souls. A human being is an integration of the physical body, mind, and soul. If an incarnated soul is an igniting force in any being, then spirituality can never be different from this physical life. When a human being leaves his body, his incarnated soul leaves his body, and the physical dissolves into five elemental forces. Sath Guru blessed us with Thrayee Sadhana to have a livelihood on a physical, peace on a mental plane, and salvation on a spiritual plane. We have to practice and depend on Sath Guru to achieve true independence.

As long as we stay here, we have a responsibility towards our planet Mother Earth and Earthians. The answer to growing violence, stress, and hatred is to spread the waves of philosophy and spirituality among the masses. The spiritual practice propagates the positive divine energies to soothe the violent, stressful, hateful minds and turn them into peaceful, caring, and loving ones benefitting the human. Population growth leads to the construction of more concrete structures, subsequent use of electronic goods, and more vehicles polluting the atmosphere leading to the imbalance in the proportion of nature’s five elements. Present turbulence can be rectified by planting more plants and growing more trees.   

Dear friends, let us plant more plants, nourish them and make this planet green, beautiful, and safe. Let us dedicate our lives to the Dharma and follow the footsteps of Sath Guru.

Thanking you

Yours spiritually,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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