Newsletter – Jul 2018

July 2018 News Letter

Follow  Sath Guru and lead blissful life

Dear Member friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham, wish you all “Happy Guru Pournami”. May Guru parampara blessings shower upon one and all and show them a path to lead perfect life.

This year’s monsoon arrived on time in India but after few showers heat wave resumed. Government reacted to this bad weather and announced holidays to schools and colleges. The ozone layer depletion, global warming, soil erosion, ground water depletion, drying of waters in rivers and many disturbances in weather stood as a challenge and are prime problems faced by the governments globally. Human being is distinguished by the feature of intellect compared to other beings. But, we became irresponsible and destroying ourselves through our acts and depleting our resources. Our Peetham preaches to transform as a model and responsible citizens. We must follow our innate religion, lead our family life and follow the Dharma as preached by Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham. Our Sath Guru Dr Umar Alisha says to envision the world with a social eye and a spiritual eye. Here spirituality is not to shun the worldly life and do penance in isolation at far off places like jungles, mountain tops etc.,

To protect environment Sath Guru introduced many programs like shunning the usage of plastic and polythene, planting and growing more trees under the program, “Na Mokka Na Swasa”, conducting awareness camps and rallies about protecting and promoting clean and green environment. We, as members should follow our Sath Guru and do plantations and educate all about growing more trees.  This is the need of the hour and Mother Earth needs protection from all types of pollutions. Human beings and nature both comprise five elemental forces. The imbalances in them, in humans cause ill heath and in nature cause earth quakes, tsunamis, cyclones, floods, droughts etc., Therefore, maintaining a balance among five elemental forces in nature as well as in human is essential for leading a good healthy life.

Sath Guru’s blessed Thrayi Sadhana blesses us at all levels. At physical, it provides balance in five elemental forces and blesses us with good health and livelihood. At mind level blesses us with contentment and at soul level salvation. We are living in the lap of nature and nature is nurturing us with everything we need. In turn it is our duty to nurture nature and protect our Mother Earth. So, dear member friends, serving Mother Earth and earthians are also part of our sadhana as is said by Sath Guru.

Respecting a Guru is strictly following every word he speaks. Commemorating the occasion of Guru Pournami, let us rise to the occasion and fulfill the dream of Sath Guru through participating in Sath Guru’s proposed programs and offer our respects to the lotus feet of Sath Guru.

Thanking you

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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