Newsletter – Feb 2021

Dear Member Friends,

We from the Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all, “Happy spiritual retreat days.” I know you all might be eagerly waiting for February. Every member aspires to stay in Pithapuram’s Modern temple of Humanity on February 9th, 10th, and 11th. 

Why are these days important?

First and foremost, the arena is full of pure light. All great Gurus descend to shower their blessings. Sath Guru stays in the ashram on these three days, blessing attendees and members both present and absent. These holy days are like amrutha madhanam days. The nectar of knowledge flows and, the poison emanating from various mindsets is gulped by the great energies present there. It is up to the attendees to drink or pack for themselves and their beloved back home. Disciples discuss after listening to great discourses by eminent scholars and, Sath Guru and then they churn their minds to refine. In this process, they try to cross the ocean of ignorance. The stagnated karmic stack burnt in the flames of the knowledge and blessings of Guru parampara.

Life is a mystery that none can unfold life and read like a book. People search for answers to mind-boggling questions regarding life, soul, and creation. Here I mention few questions which boggle the human mind like, What is truth? What is Absolute? What is the essence of all religions?  What is the origin of this birth? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? What happens after cessation of life?  Does the soul take rebirth? How to lead life blissfully? What is the importance of Sath Sang? How a sadhaka travels in the physical and astral world? How to identify your Guru? How to read life and this creation? How to behave? What is Dharma? Etc.,

 In this great congregation, secrets of creation unraveled. The Sath Guru preaches an efficient universal practice- Thrayee Sadhana to all the attendees for leading life blissfully. That practice blesses a sincere aspirant to attain liberation within this physical . To get mastery in any subject, one needs to attend the lectures and then practice it. Similarly, in spirituality, a sadhaka has to practice till he finds the inner and all-pervading divine. The compassionate Sath Guru floods the attendees with his divine blessings and makes them spiritually self-reliant. This power helps them handle all problems and, they wait till the next spiritual retreat days- the Maha Sabhalu(The great congregation days) to renew themselves.

So, dear Member friends, the coronavirus, Covid -19, is slowly fading out, diminishing its impact. Once again, the human mind’s splendid capacity to conquer any calamity has proved. With the same intellect, let us do more sadhana to unravel hidden divine potential. That’s the reason for considering human life as a rare happening in a soul’s journey.

Thanking you

Till next newsletter!

Spiritually yours

Renuka Devi Vangara

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