Sha Philosophy – Chapter2: MAN – EXALTED MAN

You are exalted among 8.4 million types of living beings of this animated world. There is no individual,which is more powerful than you. There is no creature that equals to you in intelligence and wisdom. There is no form of energy, which surpasses you. You are learning these aforesaid facts, which are revealed in Upanishads, different doctrines,books and literature of other religions by reading and also by listening. You become conceited for the reason,that there is no other life form,which is greater than you. In reality, in this world, whatever you see, indeed that is conceived by your mind to be lower than you. And you are discovering it in that manner.

In fact, to be suitable to your opinion;when you see the changes brought in this creation, they need not be by you, but by some other man like you, then you are astounded and realizing that , the birth of the man is exceedingly powerful.

The lion is said to be the king of animals. It is ferocious and exceedingly mighty. It has a fearful appearance. It is born free. It is powerful enough to devour human beings.When you see that lion you may tremble with fear,lose senses and die. However,you are observing that,even such  a beast is also tamed and made to amuse you by some other man like you.

The elephant has a very hefty body. It is powerful enough to encounter any other mighty being. Whatsover its legs trample,it will be flattened due to its hefty and tall body structure. However, a man like you is indeed making it obey his commands and getting useful work done by it.

These are living things. He gets work done not only by these living things, but by animating the lifeless inanimate substances like wood,iron etc., by using some procedure of motion.

Look at that ship. It is moving at speed faster than that of living creatures, which have flesh,bones,serum and shape.That is also a creation of man. Similarly the train is also moving in the same manner. That is also a creation of man. Perhaps you may think that, there is water and earth to support them! See, that aeroplan,which is moving in between the earth and the sky without any support other than air. This is also a creation of some man like you!.

Man’s intelligence creates not only these, but unimaginable missiles, machines of mass destruction with chemical substances and kills not only mankind but also the creatures of the entire world by using these weapons at predefined time. Such a man, as has such power of destruction, is indeed a man like you.

The individual, who has created the machines like Television, Radio and amazed you, is also a man like you.

When you see such a man (scientist), as is famous for his extraordinary virtues and has invented unimaginable things like these and question, “Oh, Virtuous! Your intelligence, your wisdom has brought so many changes like these in this mundane world. Oh, great man! You pickup very easily available common fly among the creatures created by God. Remove its wings. Then,can you restore them back and make it fly as usual? You have made so many wonderful things. These are appertaining to five elements only. Can you perceive that energy ( Theo), which is superior to your power, which is beyond your imagination, intelligence and senses, which is in the form of God, by inventing some artificial equipment?” if you question like this, it will become inevitable for him to say , “I cannot reach  it. It is unknown to my reasoning and also to my invention”.

Therefore don’t misunderstand the above-mentioned human being as Exalted Man.When we express the word “Exalted”, introspect which is exalted ( sublime) with respect to human life? That sublime energy is Eeswara.It is primeval to the whole creation. Even all these five elements are also under its control. It has liberty to create every thing, which is needed, with different features from time to time in different seasons. It is the source for creation, existence and destruction. It is the sole support for entire universe and giver of prosperity to the whole world. The way of comprehension and the distinctive personal character ( psychic energy) to manifest that Eeswara are innate to the billions and billions of individuals, who are in the man’s form.But many persons are unaware of this aspect. Though such inquisitiveness originates in them, though they have the treasure of that great psychic energy, which makes their inquisitiveness effectual, they cannot pursue in the right path and lead it. If you find such people, who can lead your quest in right path, take refuge in them and ask, they will show and prove to you that,

  • The great energy, that is resident in you,in the secret in the sound of “I”.
  • Its base is the esoteric essence contained in the innumerable worlds and that is Eeswara.
  • It is equivalent to the Rasaswarupa,(Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light)
  • That Eeswara is indeed within you.
  • The holy energy, which is known as “I” am indeed that Eeswara

When you could comprehend this Truth, then don’t perceive that, all the human beings, who are born in this creation, are men (or women). Closely watch actions and deeds of those creatures, which are in human forms by keeping an eye on them. Then you can understand to which category that creature belongs, provided you have your own psychic power of abstract contemplation. Therefore, don’t think that every soul, which has taken human form, is the soul of man.

The man who has reached this stage is not a man! When the subject of conversation comes about the man, who has such a great knowledge of science; the Quran says, “If you catch and give a very small, common creature fly with removed wings into the hands of such a powerful man, will he be able to restore its wings and make it fly as usual?” If we inquire into this statement, we can conclude that the skill of a scientist is very much limited before that Divine energy.

The soul(man),who knows that any soul is Eeswara Rasaswarupa ( Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light of the Supreme Being), who can acquire that great wealth of energy by which he could metamorphose his soul known as the feeling of self or “I”  into that type of Rasaswarupa  and synthesize in that light, then indeed his birth becomes exalted.  Such a man is an Exalted Man.

Oh!, Sadhaka (Seeker), cognize that, “This world and its power known as illusion are enslaving you to sensual pleasures and six inner enemies1. They are the cause of your ruin and rebirth into quiescent life forms.

So, Oh, Sadhaka! May you,

  • Be endowed with good character,
  • Become exalted man by transforming your blood into water ( tears) in penance
  • Search where your feeling of self (“I”) transforms into He,the Miraculous Brilliant divine Light
  • Then obtain freedom from rebirths  and attain the salvation


1. Six inner enemies: These are said to be the, lust, anger, covetousness, enamor, pride and jealousy.

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