Sha Philosophy – Chapter32: KNOWLEDGE – IGNORANCE


In the way of human life, when man comprehends some intangible, subtle, ingenious subject with the power of volition present in him and puts it into practice, if it is respected by the society, the blooming of intellect present in him is said to be the Jnana ( knowledge ).

In the human life at the age of five, this “ Jnana ( knowledge )” reflects in the form of understanding. It is enhanced further by the cognitive process of education. In this world, the subjects of study are in three broad categories, namely History, Science and Theosophy. In different branches of these subjects, different scholars have expounded and presented the findings of their research work in the form of textual matter. The great things contained in those elaborations have gained the respect of the society and reflected in the actions of the people.


History is that, the wonderful or strange events which had occurred in the world during the life time of human beings, the ways of the world, the descriptions of various events, which took place where, when and how, the exaggerations of scholars, fights, wars, worldly affairs, civilizations, morals and immoral acts etc. are depicted and substantiated in literature. The purpose of writing history is to present the past to the man of future for his complete reading, to keep some of the good aspects as model of excellence to bring those good things into his practice and to advance in his life. Indeed this is the aim of history.


The Scientific man comprehends his subject of study by scientific methods, which are in the form of continuous inquiry ( research). He amazes others by bringing the intangible and historical references made by his predecessors, into tangible results by means of some chemical combinations and tries to reveal excellent secrets contained by his intelligence. The blooming of his intellect, which is in the form of “ knowledge “ had led him to grasp the moon and discover.


The subject called theosophy transcends the above two subjects by its method of learning. It is the subject of realization of the etymon of this entire creation. i.e., where this universe has been originated from and what its root cause is. Though this realization, man attains emancipation from rebirths. In addition to this, the student of theosophy realizes that, it is the birthright of his soul, which has obtained the human body to realize this esoteric knowledge.

The man, who has realized this truth is considered to be the Sathguru ( True Master ). The student of theosophy goes to a Sathguru ( True Master ), follows him, accomplishes the subject and qualifies himself. The blooming of his intellect with respect to this realization is said to be Jnana ( knowledge) and is confirmed in

Tathawamasi, Thou’Art you ( inner self is God ).

Based on the way seekers learn theosophy, the seekers are classified into different groups having different schools of thought. The attainment of perfection through their respective ways of learning theosophy and getting qualified init, is considered to be Jnana ( knowledge ).

However, the knowledge gained by learning history and science in this world cannot help the human birth to become significant. For this it is necessary to realize the esoteric essence of metaphysical ( spiritual )energy contained by physical and nonphysical forces.

Physical entity:

In this creation there are 84 Lakhs ( 8.4 million) types of multitudes of creatures. They are noticed to be either, physical form or nonphysical form and animate or inanimate. When they are perceived in the form physical substances, compare them to your way of life and inquire into; “ Are they in the lower order of evolution or whether their life transcends yours?” . You will certainly realize that, every substance ( entity ) in this creation is in the lower order of evolution because; you have a far advanced brain and intelligence. If you apply your brain, you can realize that other creatures also have intelligence but, they cannot think logically in an inferential manner.

Nonphysical (subtle ) entity:

To understand the nonphysical entity, realize that, the soul exists in subtle form, which is embodied in every moving and non-moving object. You may also affirm that, once upon a time your soul was also embodied in subtle form in such substances ( entities ) and be delighted for obtaining human birth at least by now. The secret in this is your soul, which was embodied in the insentient life forms prior to the present human birth and your soul which is embodied in your present human body is one and the same. Therefore, at a certain point of time all these multitudes of moving and non-moving creatures will certainly evolve into human birth, which has wisdom known as blooming of intelligence.

Oh man! Having reached such a wise human stage, understand the intelligence or mental ability of all the insentient creatures by inquiry; endeavour to get your soul out of the cycle of such insentient rebirths after your death by synthesizing yourself with the Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light.

Therefore, the human soul, which had resolved that, the attainment of Eeswaratwa ( Godhood ), which is in the form of the pure Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light to be its Supreme Goal of human birth is indeed the personification of Jnana ( knowledge ).


When we say Ajnana ( ignorance ), its meaning is darkness. Lord Krishna said that, if we examine, we will realize that all the multitudes of creatures of this creation other than human beings are in darkness. If we observe distinctly the individual characteristics of all these multitudes of creatures, which are in such darkness, we can realize that their development remains in the same manner, even though we observe them at any time. We can certainly realize that they lack the development of intellectual capabilities or wisdom. i.e. they cannot get rid of their natural and inherent characteristics of their species. However, we may also find similar characteristics of such births, which are in darkness ( Ajnana, ignorance) among human beings also. When we address such people, we call them with some petty nouns like rocks, trees, animals and birds. Sometimes we may come across such people in our life. By closely observing their nature, we can realize that, they are the embodiments of such insentient souls and their births are full of darkness called ignorance.

When you refer to the conduct of such people pertaining to their way of talking and behaviour in course of conversation or when you observe such people’s activities, think over for a while about your own behaviour. If you are also engaged in such things, remember that, such things are the effects of ignorance and avoid them in your life. When you are recognized to be a Vijnani (wise ) or when you become a Vijnani ( wise ), you can certainly differentiate between Jnana (knowledge ) Ajnana( ignorance ).

Oh man! You should first examine the inherent behaviours which are treated by this world to be the acts of ignorance . Assess the end result of such acts of ignorance and keep them in your mind. Then visualize the extent of unfolded wisdom, which is beaming out of the Jnana ( knowledge ) acquired by the persons, whom you have confirmed in your opinion to be the personifications of Jnana ( knowledge ). Keep yourself in between Jnana ( knowledge ) and Ajnana ( ignorance ); observe the actions and behaviours which are going to manifest in your life in the way of your duty and also fate. Never permit your actions to take the course of Ajnana ( ignorance ).Focus your unfolded wisdom towards the activities, which please the world, perform them and transform yourself into an embodiment of Jnana ( knowledge ).

This is the way how you can be remembered by the society for a very long time, even after death. So, oh man! May you become a Jnani ( man of knowledge ), an unforgettable person and live till the end of this world by getting seated seating in the hearts of the people.

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