Newsletter – April 2015

Universal peace can be achieved by dharma propagation

Hello dear divine members,
Wish you all Happy Ugadi. In this “Jaya” named Telugu calendar year, I wish Sath Guru’s divine blessings fill your lives with love, light, peace and prosperity. We celebrate Ugadi with festival pickle that reminds us life with all emotions. Through attending classes of this philosophic school, we understand all emotional upheavals and stay stable in all phases of life’s swings. We are trained to view life with our inner divine composed nature.
Surprised! As I’m addressing you as divine, yes… my dear members, it is true. Every being is divine and we, as chosen members understand the basics of spirituality know the fact that divinity dwells inside every human being. That’s why our main ashram is called as “Modern Temple of Humanity”. Just recollect our ancient dharma. It addressed three levels that are physical, mental and spiritual and answers these three level problems with livelihood, contentment and salvation respectively.
Our peetham is contributing to whole universal evolution in the form of “Maha Mantra”. Along with initiated members all planets, stars, constellations and cosmic beings sing Maha Mantra for their evolution. Our dharma is beyond all religions and explains truth in a simple and experienced way. Swami Vivenkanda said that, “the highest help one can do to other is spiritual help as it is everlasting”. As a responsible human being it is our duty to help our fellow human beings. Imagine… if more number of people are chanting “Maha Mantra” that will magnify Mother Earth’s glory in the form of peace and enlightenment. Then there is no violence, hate and religious conflict. We can achieve universal peace through dharma propagation and spread pure love, light and eternal bliss. So, try to introduce divine spiritual philosophy to all those in your purview. Remember, you are extending services at highest level and that’s at soul level.
Thanking you.
Yours spiritual friend,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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