Newsletter – Feb 2015

Have faith in Dharma, Sath Guru and Maha Mantra


Attain salvation within this physical

Dear Members,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Vignana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all Happy Retreat days. Every year Swami blesses and bestows three days time in February for rejuvenation, recharge, renew and restructure at all levels of life. 9th, 10th and 11 of February are like festive days for us. We feel happy and no one really wish to leave the Maha Sabha premises – Great gala of knowledge. What is there? Why people don’t want to leave the place?

Every soul incarnated as human being wish to be happy, healthy and at serenity. The holy durbar is chaired by our great Guru and all great souls are attendees. The atmosphere is pure, filled with immense blessings and energy. That’s the true model living atmosphere. Mother Earth also wishes her children to live in such knowledge filled world where there is no hatred, violence, apathy and where there exists pure love and light. And here is our answer why people don’t like to leave the blessed place as their innate inner soul recognizes native atmosphere.

Well… to be blessed as members, we need to inculcate faith like Mansur. At one stage Mansur used to be in ecstasy and shout Analhaq. Mansur’s Guru Junayd is very much afraid of ignorant public reaction towards Mansur and expected life threat to him. So, to safeguard, he summoned and advised Mansur to leave for Kaba- the holy place. Mansur obliged Guru, neared him and did seven pradakshina’s around him.   Later prostrated on the feet of Guru and said with tears in eyes, “You are my Kaba. You are everything”. The rest of the story you all knew. Like many truth expounders, Mansur was killed. But his soul, each and every cell of his physical, taught mankind the absolute truth and glory of everlasting faith. That is the holy relation of Guru and sishya.. After attaining the absolute state also his faith towards his Guru is staunch like mountains and his soul reverberate in the whole universe as “Analhaq”.

Dear members let us develop more faith towards our Dharma, Sath Guru and Maha Mantra and attain salvation within this physical. Let us spread peace, pure love and light waves throughout universe through our sadhana and service. “Sadhana and Service”- thy name is Sri Viswa Vignana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham.

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara

Parikrama or Pradakshina refers to circumambulation of sacred places in Hindu, Jain or Buddhist’s context. Parikrama means “the path surrounding something” in Sanskrit, and is also known as Pradakshina (“to the right”), representing circumambulation.


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