Newsletter – Jan 2020

News Letter - Jan 2020

Practice Thrayi Sadhana

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Dear Member Friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all, “A Happy New Year -2020”. As we approach ending of the year, many happenings, memories and dreams flood mind and we plan for coming year to materialize our new ideas and resolutions. That’s our physical life. Time rolls and we grow learning new things. We change our thinking patterns as per our circumstances and experiences. Life moves as per prewritten agenda that’s guided by stored karmic stack. We struggle hard to oppose it, try to control it and take destiny into our hands. Life is wonderful and nature is beautiful. They both complement each other. In this majestic planet Earth, nature nourishes and silently educates life forms. We are fortunate to take life form as human beings as we possess intellect and a powerful thinking mind. With that we can find solution to any mind boggling problem. For that mind must become serene. We all know the fact that, “The whole knowledge emanates and merges into silence”. A silent peaceful mind is highly efficient to draw right conclusions for any type of life’s issues.

How to develop serene mind?

 Sath Guru Dr. Umar Alisha taught us Thrayi Sadhana, an integrated sadhana to train body, mind and soul. This Thrayi Sadhana is comprised of Mantra Sadhana, Jnana Sadhana and Dhyana Sadhana. In Mantra Sadhana, we chant Maha Mantra and the vibrations of the syllable charge cells in the physical system with divinity. But that doesn’t last long owing to our karmic influences. So, we need to practice regularly till our last breath. The persistent practices along with the grace of Sath Guru will burn all stagnated karmic stacks and transform each and every cell as new cell imbibed in divinity. It is like a phoenix bird taking a new birth burning all old cells. Jnana Sadhana controls mind through eternal words (Akshara) written by our great Guru Paramapara. In Dyana Sadhana, an alignment of body, mind and soul happens, letting the practitioner understand the realization within this physical. Through this holistic ‘Universal Sadhana’, we will have a serene, powerful mind undisturbed in any situation. The byproducts of sadhana will make a person powerful giving him many booms like healing, good articulation, brighter looks, prophecy etc., But they are not important as the powers are like passing clouds and will shun you after a certain period. Hence, we must aspire for the absolute truth and continue our sadhana till our last breath to lead a realized life.

We got this new life, when we are initiated by our Sath Guru. Every day, we must practice so as to cherish the bliss of that new life. So, dear member friends, in this New Year, let us do more sadhana and understand the eternal new life principle within this physical.

Thanking you.

Yours spiritually,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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