Newsletter – Jun 2020

News Letter Jun-2020

Dear Member Friends,

The world is under crisis and COVID 19 has shattered economies, relations, cultural and festive hues of people. In a state of fear and despair, the migrated workforce is returning to their homes under tough conditions. In India, 85% of people used to engage in agriculture, and now it is 70%. Industrialization and urbanization mobilized many people to migrate to cities in search of work and more money. This created slums and poor morale. For shunning villages many paid the price and it is pathetic to see all the disastrous events. Lost in the world of earning money, we hastened our lives. Now it is time to slow down, reinvent ourselves, and live close to nature. We have to conserve our precious resources and purify our water resources like rivers, canals, and lakes, etc.,. Besides, we must practice rain harvesting techniques and plant more trees. It is not only the Governments but it’s the responsibility of every citizen to protect the environment. Our planet is beautiful, enchanting, and filled with many natural glories.

How do we protect our Mother Earth and the Earthians?

Human life is time-bound; finite. At this hour, we have to make our stay a pleasant experience. For that, everyone must behave with utmost responsibility towards our Mother Earth and nature. We have to do everything physically possible to keep our atmosphere free of all types of pollution. Nature and human beings both comprise five elemental forces. Whenever imbalances occur in nature, nature tries to balance itself. Similarly, the human body tries to repair itself by manifesting a disease. Nature always sends us signals and we have to understand them and try to adjust and correct the man-made imbalances. We must work hard to renew our planet and make it a wonderful living place for the coming generations.

What is spirituality’s role in this scenario?

Spirituality is an inner journey to find divine nectar that’s in hidden form in every being. Then, what does spirituality do to the outside world? A human is an integration of physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Without physical, a spirit cannot exist and without inner vital force a physical cannot exist. They both complement each other and the mind is a link between these two. Hence spirit and spirituality are part of any being. The creator, the mighty energy force, whatever name we may give, created the whole universe. Inside every created atom, the creator exists. A being is a minute representative of that mighty divine. Hence, we can conclude that what is outside is inside the being also. For example, if you throw a stone in a river, it will create some disturbance. Similarly whole humanity is interconnected as the igniting life force’s origin is the same. When you throw good thought or act, it will create good patterns in society. Similarly, bad acts or thoughts reciprocate the same. So, to do good acts and propagate good thoughts comes under the spiritual act. Sath Guru says, “Humanity is divinity” and our Dharma declares “Transform as a true human being to invoke God within you”. 

So, dear members, be compassionate and kind in these hours of crisis and help the troubled souls. Our UARDT is doing a commendable job. Participate in their service activities and help all those who are in need.

Till next Newsletter!

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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