Newsletter – May 2016

Sadhana is the best way to stay in Swami’s aim

Dear Member Friends,

Greetings to you all…

This month is very holy for us as we have Gurudev’s vaisakha maasam tour. He will visit all our ashram branches in A.P and Telangana. Knowledge and enlightenment waves are on air throughout the Telugu states. We are fortunate to have such a Guru, who comes to our place to preach eternal knowledge and it is our duty to help outsiders also to attend Gurudev’s august meetings so that they understand our eternal dharma. Of all services, spiritual help holds the first place. So, we too must join hands in igniting lights of knowledge through our dharma propagation.

Ego is the killer of self realization process. It entertains six temptations and always likes to enjoy that company. Mind possess ego and loves to jump to pleasures of worldly life. But the soul incarnated aspire salvation and it cries for spiritual food and liberation. The physical, a medium of mind and soul obliges mind and carried away by it, runs far away from the divine dwelling in the inner self in the form of soul incarnated. In this tough situation, Sath Guru through spiritual initiation, helps us to balance physical, mental and spiritual levels and attain salvation within this physical. Sath Guru’s blessing can help us to surpass the dangerous influences of illusion, six temptations, mighty kundalini power and time etc., So, before having swami’s darshan, we must prepare ourselves and be open to receive his divine blessings. Any preparation is time consuming and we should pay some attention towards it. So, dear members, as sadhana is the best way to prepare, let us do more sadhana and live in Swami’s aim. Here is…

Special news for our members and general public:

We are very happy to announce that in this auspicious month, Gurudev has blessed the mankind with Medhaa Prajwalana– a new meditation program to discover our innate uniqueness. This program has started in May 2015 for members and now it is open to general public.

Here is a brief description regarding “Medhaa Prajwalana”

Every child born is a unique, happy, fearless, an infinitesimal of divine and free soul. As the time pass the child grows, becomes part of this stress filled world and in the process, his fresh brightness is lost and he forgets his innate nature of merriness and uniqueness.

Time is finite and available time for one and all is same. Some people set noble aim in life; effectively utilize time for materialization of their aim and turn out to be successful. As a role model, they influence many. Such people’s lives are exemplary and history adores them. Many fail to realize themselves, suffer in the web of worldly trivial things and end up their lives with no meaning and purpose.

A stable mind is essential to lead a healthy, happy life. Modern living style has blessed us comfortable life with sophisticated technology and added a bonus in the form of mental tension. The psychological stress and competition spree in all walks of life is negatively affecting whole humanity exclusively children and youth. They are experiencing unexpressed emotional turmoil and in extreme situations, their mind’s agony is becoming a threat to precious life and life pattern. In this critical scenario, to realize our hidden uniqueness and to transform as a complete individual, Sath Guru Dr. Umar Alisha, blessed mortals with potential meditation program called Medhaa Prajwalana.

 Main Features:

  • Discovers hidden uniqueness and transforms as a total being.
  • Improves concentration levels and comprehension power.
  • Holistic development with high performance levels.
  • Adopts a “Blissful life”. (That’s to live in present- a key to happiness and success).
  • Mind becomes stable through practice of Meditation.
  • Liberates mind from anxiety and offers peace. Peace filled mind dictates right direction to life.
  • Opens up new hidden potential in an individual so that one can handle any problem or situation with confidence and composure.
  • Offers relief from depression, tiredness, aversion towards work and life. Infuses courage, happiness and positive attitude.
  • Builds patience and perseverance. Heart enlightens and develops compassion with moral values.
  • True liberation is in “living with responsibility”. God cares those who care others and lives in compliance with dharma. The practitioner becomes sensitive, behaves with universal consciousness and respects all relations in life.
  • Meditation fills the practitioner’s life and whole universe with bliss. Such bliss propagates peace and enlightenment waves throughout universe and there is no space for internal and external violence.

Here I quote Sri Dalai Lama, “If every eight year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation”. Our dharma is based on experience. Sath Guru practice what he preaches. He is putting lot of effort in training children in meditation and spiritual philosophy through a program called “Bala Thathwika Vikas”. Why can’t we follow our Sath Guru by participating in his blessed programs? So, dear friends, we too join our children in this exclusive personality evolving meditation program to let them excel in life.

Thanking you for reading such a long letter.

Till …next news letter…..

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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