Sabha at Bheemili branch 25-Dec-2015

Sabha on the occasion of 14th Anniversary of Bheemili Branch of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyatmika Peetham on 25th Dec 2015.

Dr.Umar Alisha in his speech has said that spiritualness will help people to over come difficulties

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Head of the Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyatmika Peetham (a spiritual center) , Dr. Umar Alisha called upon the people to acquire spirituality and spiritual  knowledge  to over come many problems being faced by human beings in their day to day life and to lead a peaceful life.

Addressing a large number of devotees  at a spiritual discourse  in Bheemunipatnam in connection with the 14th anniversary of the Bheemunipatnam  unit of the peetham, sathguru Dr.Umar Alisha said one can over come difficulties by acquiring the spiritual knowledge by reading spiritual books written by various priests and sathgurus . It is the responsibility of everyone to concentrate on spirituality  and  spare time to read spiritual books.

Dr. Umar Alisha , the 9th head of the peetham at Pithapuram in East Godavari said the peetham was established in 500 years ago and preaching on spiritual  knowledge and taking up social service activities. He said the principle of the peetham take its roots in the concept of ‘oneness of god’  propagate spiritual knowledge which is acceptable to all religions and transforms humanity into divinity.

He said ‘there is lot of difference between light and darkness in human being life.We can see everything in the light.But in darkness, nothing can be seen. Similarly when mind is gripped with the darkness of illusion we cannot assess, what are we doing, which type of deeds is being done,
how much loss do we incur.So through Jnana(knowledge) this darkness in mind can be shed.

The man who acquire Jnana will be able to think rationally,  whether his deeds are useful to he society or not.Then with his consciousness thinking, the man will lead an exemplary life through good behavior and good deeds’ he added.   With a view to help needy people, the peetham established Umar Alisha Rural Development Trust and taking up several social service activities like providing education to poor, medical care, protection of  environment and distribution of essential commodities to the poor people for the last several years..

Umar alisha said that the trust had taken up tree plantation programme in a big way in Visakhapatnam district which was hit by Hud Hud cyclone
in October 2014  with the contribution from the members of the peetham. The ‘Make Vizag Green’ is an innovative project taken up by the
Trust to rebuild the lost greenery in Visakhapatnam and to protect the environment. .

On this occasion Dr.Umar Alisha has distributed rice and blankets to some poor people via UARDT ( .  Co-coordinator of the project, Dr.Anand Kumar Pingali said that the Bheemii branch  of the peetham was distributing Five kgs of rice to  33 poor people every month  for the last five years.

Earlier Peter Victor, a devote from Amercia said that he loved India and its culture, traditions and generosity of the people the country.He urged the devotees to follow the principles of the sathguru and put in practice the preaching of the Alisha to lead a peaceful life in future.

Near INS Kalinga, Beach Rd, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 531163, India

Bus route:
From Visakhapatnam RTC complex , take 900K or 17K and get down at Ashram Bus stop.

Dr.Anand , Mobile: +91 9866388979

About Bheemili Branch :
Visakahapatnam Branch of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyatmika Peetham is situated on the sea shore of Bheemunipatnam. It has been Inaugurated by the Finance Minister of Andhra pradesh Shri Yanamala Ramakrishnudu on 2001-12-24. At this ashram regular prayers will be conducted on every Thursday. Disciples around Visakhapatnam attend to these Prayers and Spiritual discourses.5 A Branch Of Umar Alisha Rural Development Trust is also present in that premises. The trust takes up acitvites such as Blood Donation Camps, Free Homeopathic Medical Camps etc. for the benefit of the rural areas near Bheemunipatnam.


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